So who am I?

Far from being a philosophical post, I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself to the blog audience. 🙂

My name is Dave. I blog over at Gay and Evangelical, a name which has landed me in trouble every great once in a while from well-meaning but misguided people on both sides of the homosexuality debate. If you’re interested in what side I take, read “So Why the Blog Title?” It will clear up a lot of the misconceptions that you as a reader no doubt have even just having read my blog title.

I’m studying to be a pastor at CTS, the seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America. I’m conservative theologically and I love the Gospel. Without the Gospel, I’d probably have a boyfriend and be at least blissfully ambivalent to the commands of God.

My heart is to see the Gospel proclaimed as the centerpiece of Christian preaching. Too often, pastors get bogged down in either delivering Bible lectures or acting as a cheerleader (or worse, a nag). But the message we’ve been given as pastors to proclaim is repentance and the forgiveness of sins per Luke 24:47. So that’s what I’m here on this blog to do.


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