What Would Jesus Brew?

I would first of all like to apologize to the regular readers of this blog and my fellow contributors for not posting more frequently. I will make a more concerted effort to post more as often as life permits.

A few months ago a pastor I have great respect for came out firmly against the consumption of alcoholic beverages by christians. He raised some good points in defense on his stance on the issue and I had an interesting experience recently (that I will go into further detail about in a future blog post) concerning this same topic, but first I’d like some feedback from you all.

Is it wrong for a christian to consume alcoholic beverages? Please answer in the poll below.


3 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Brew?

  1. “Of course it’s not wrong”, that’s my vote. The other options were mostly valid in their own ways, however the moment you put drinking alcohol in the “it’s not sin BUT…” category, the “BUT” ends up being the grounds for all sorts of legalism. For instance if 1 or 2 is ok, why isn’t 3 or 4 ok? What is ‘drunk’ anyway? And if we are avoiding the appearance of evil would that not also included avoiding the appearance of legalism?

    Good poll John, I hope it spurs discussion. For anyone who may wonder, I rarely drink, I have probably had less than 20 beers since turning 21 over 9 years ago, but I would not feel a shred of guilt, nor should you for tipping back a couple, or even 10 beers. (Now if you tip back 10 I am pretty certain you have a good chance of doing a number of things you should feel guilty for as a result of those beers, but no guilt regarding the beer itself.) Drunkenness is a potential result (high potential I might add) of over consumption, not the act of over consumption itself. That’s how I draw the line, and I think it is proper.

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