Lady Gaga

I’ve not been posting a lot lately due to grad school and work obligations, so I usually just let my Tuesday blog day pass me by. I’ve never just put up a link to another blog, but this one just came across my feed and I had to share it. Please check it out.

So what do you think about it? What common grace can we find in Gaga’s message? What is the Gospel she commends to her “Little Monsters”? How is it the same as the Christian Gospel? How is it different?

Maybe for my next post I’ll do a write-up about my thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga

  1. What she does is strangely similar to much of evangelicalism. Lot’s of talk about love, lots of exhortation to become better at being you, a message of liberation from everything, yet it is grounded in little more than a charming talented personality on the stage.

  2. That was a great, insightful article! I have been observing this young women from afar to a while now. It is quite obvious to me that she has a need to bring shock-and-awe to the masses. I wrote a comment at the end of that article. I cautioned those who would be enamored by her the be aware of… idolatry.
    The only thing that I can think of where it comes to common grace for Lady Gaga is that like anyone else, she needs forgiveness of her sins and for the family of God to surround her with true, authentic, life-changing Christian love!

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