Dances with Wolves

Recently I saw a friend of mine, who is in the ministry, post a video on his facebook page by Steven Furtick with the comment underneath that read “I love this guy.” Now maybe…perhaps, I know too much about the semi-pelagian (at best) nature of Furtick’s “ministry”, perhaps I’m too aware of the nature of the sheep-abuse that happens in Furtick’s “church” or the erroneous nature of praying “Sun Stand Still” prayers that Furtick seems to be all about. Perhaps I’m too aware of the problems with having churches that are a mile wide and an inch deep. I watched the video clip and while I can’t deny that Furtick is a good motivational speaker, the clip I heard was all law. The message boiled down to “do more, try harder” where is the gospel in that? In fact that kind of message is the very opposite of the gospel, the gospel isn’t about what YOU do but about what Christ did for you, it’s about how even though you don’t measure up to God’s standard…Christ does, and he willingly sacrificed His life so that by his blood you would be seen as right before God. However Furtick’s message boiled down to basically “you suck as a Christian if you don’t do x, y or z.” and this message is par for the course for him. As with all false teachers I pray the Holy Spirit would show them their error and convict them of misleading so many.  The Bible has some very strong things to say about false teachers words like “wolves in sheeps clothing” and “accursed” are used for anyone that preaches a gospel contrary to the true gospel.

My Theology Thursday question for you is this: How far do you go to warn others about these false teachers such as Furtick, Bell, McLaren, Warren, Hybels, Noble and others? Should we share everything we know or do we let it go with an “even a broken clock is right twice a day” mentality? Do we trust the other person’s discernment skills; maybe they just aren’t aware or know as much as we know about the person in question. How much of the relationship do you risk straining when, even though your intentions are good you could be heard totally wrong? What would you do?


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  2. What you may want to ask yourself is if what I am teaching is the true word of God. You see, so many self proclaimed Christians teach a regurgitated teaching, a religion, that has been passed down to them. A religion that is not rooted in the reality of existence. For most, it is rooted in the perception of reality that is driven by the internal rather than the external. The thing is.. The internal, for most, was formed by the external long before they even formed a thought for themselves. Talk about a flawed theology… The proverbial, sheep in wolves clothing. Do you see them? Remember me in my youth!

  3. Heresy is not a ‘disagreement’ among brethren. It is false teaching, a deviation from the truth. The ‘order of approach’ and Jay has mentioned is clearly given in Scripture – our war is not against flesh and blood – a man – but against false doctrine.

    Let’s call heresy when we see it, but remember that the man teaching it is not what/who we war against. We war against falsehood, in contention for the faith once delivered to all the saints, canon closed.

    Rely on Scripture alone as the sword. I affirm with the Apostle Paul, if any man teaches a Gospel other than that delivered in the written word of God, let him-and nowadays, her – be accursed.

    How far do you go to warn others? All the way brother, all the way, even if it cost you friendships you hold dear.

  4. I get into a great deal of trouble with this. People’s emotions run very high, especially in controversy regarding the Church. Many people would rather take a stand against someone who is standing against someone than to take a stand against teaching which runs against the grain of the Bible, whether cutting across the grain at a 90 degree angle or just a little off.

    Trouble is, I don’t see the ecumenical councils from the first four centuries having that sort of grace for wolves OR their teaching. Neither did Luther or Calvin. The goal of labeling a heretic as a heretic is to (or SHOULD BE to) call that person’s sin out and have them repent. Unfortunately, McLaren and others simply wear the badge proudly and continue to poison the people of God with their invented theologies.

  5. Great question John, and I am not sure I have a good answer. I would say this, the order of approach is important. In other words it is not too helpful to say, “This guy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, just look at his theology.” However it is helpful to say “Look at this theology, I think this man is a wolf a sheep’s clothing.” It is helpful to call out the theology as bad, and then make the attachment to the man, however it is damaging to first call out the man as bad and make that the premise for dismissing the theology. The order matters very little when you are dealing with like-minded people, but the order is critical when you are dealing with a follower of that teacher.

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