The Gospel = Crazy Talk

I’ve shared the gospel maybe a few hundred times, but this past Sunday night something occurred to me in the middle of sharing the gospel with our youth group. The gospel sounds crazy. I’ve been going to church since nine months before I was born, I’ve grown up knowing about church stuff. But for a brief second I put myself in the shoes of some of those junior and senior high students who were staring back it me (quite politely too I may add) who may not have grown up in church and may not have heard any of the gospel before. The gospel sounds crazy…God had a son, with a virgin and his name was Jesus and he died for my sins, which apparently I have because of some guy name Adam and after he died he came back to life but now he lives in heaven and all I have to do is to trust him…what? Really it’s nuts if you think about it think about. I’m no stranger to hearing about a groups religious beliefs and thinking, “that’s crazy.” “Mormons believe what? That’s crazy” But really I can see now why faith in Christ is totally monergistic. There is no way I could believe without the Holy Spirit…it really is just too much for me to believe on my own. The Bible says that Christ is the author and perfector of our faith and with good reason…faith in the gospel…in a story that crazy, has to come from God. I know with everything that is in me the gospel is true and I know because I believe the Bible and I believe the Bible because the Holy Spirit has enabled me to do so. Some people believe that they can come to true faith of there own free will, but if that’s true than, frankly, you don’t need Christ to be saved…you just need determination. Furthermore, if that is true then Jesus was wrong when he said “I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father but through me.” Which is all the more reason I believe that saving faith comes from Christ alone, through faith alone, by grace alone, through scripture alone for the glory of God alone. I pray for those I know that don’t believe the gospel because while I know it’s part of my job as a christian to proclaim the gospel I can’t make anyone believe a story so crazy…and so true.


4 thoughts on “The Gospel = Crazy Talk

  1. I thank God that my salvation is not dependent upon me in any fashion! I was not looking for God in the Autumn of 1979 – but I shall be eternally grateful that he was pursuing me. At that time in my life I knew absolutely nothing about Jesus Christ or my need for Him. I was just 22 years old and had just mustered out of the Navy. My life was a mess, actually that does not really describe what a miserable wretch I was.

    I thank God also that for the first time met people who were REAL Christians. These people were not “weirdos” that I had come to believe that “Religious” people were. These were loving, gracious, confident people who were different from others who I had met before. It was the Holy Spirit who drew me. Having seen REAL Christians, having read the truth (as crazy as it seemed to me…) Once I handed over my wrecked and ruined life over to the Lord I knew that God’s salvation, forgiveness were mine.

    I must say that of all Christians of this church age I sense a kinship with it would be with non other John Newton. His epitaph reads in part: JOHN NEWTON, CLERK, Once an Infidel and Libertine, A servant of slaves in Africa, Was, by the rich mercy of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, Preserved, restored, pardoned, And appointed to preach the Faith He had long laboured to destroy, Near 16 years at Olney in Bucks; And [27] years in this church.

  2. So true. Sometimes we forget that a lot of people don’t have the background that we do. Even believers. I think pastors sometimes assume too much on Sunday mornings. It’s the Gospel that’s supposed to be preached. It is basic, but it is earth-shattering when finally understood. And that only comes through the Holy Spirit, just like you said. Romans 10:14 talks about this. The Gospel, the basic Gospel is so important, but yet it’s so often glossed over because we assume that everyone knows it. Great post.

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