Speaking louder than before

I saw a this blog post recently about a guy who took a mission trip to India. During the trip, over the course of many days…having several conversations, he was able to help lead his cab driver to Christ. But there was a problem…this guy had known someone who was a Christian for a long time…in fact he had had tea with him many times, he had even been over to his house…but this friend had never told him about Jesus. Reading this brought this Bible verse to mind:

“Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.” Col. 2:4

Is our speech always full of grace? Mine isn’t…all too often I let my mood or my emotions dictate my speech instead of my love for my Savior.

Are we engaging in conversations that are deeper than: “How’s the weather?” “How about them Colts?” “What do you think about the new Head Coach?”  Rarely…even among fellow church members.

Would people know we are a Christian just by our conversations? And I’m not just talking about occasionally saying “Praise God” or “Thank God” because most people believe in God… Muslims believe in God….Jehovah’s Witness believe in God… I mean, are you talking about Jesus? And I don’t mean the life accessory Jesus “Get Jesus and your life will be better” “New and improved you with 100% more Jesus.” I mean the savior who bled and died for a wretch like me Jesus, the Lamb of God, that the Bible talks about, who bore the sins of many.

“Many times Usha and I have had conversations in the chai shop. Never once has he told me about Jesus.  I don’t think Usha knows what I know about Jesus.  If he does, how could he have never once brought Jesus up in our conversations?”

This man was actually angry that someone he knew that was a Christian hadn’t told him about Jesus.

We should not keep silent about something so awesome…and too often we’re too content to say nothing or avoid the conversation…and it’s too important to not talk about.


3 thoughts on “Speaking louder than before

  1. I agree that I am too hesitant about feeling like I’m pushing my Christian views to others. I do in a lot of conversations talk about God in different ways.

    In one of my posts ‘Sharing Faith” I mention the difficulty I am feeling about how to ‘share’ with to be specific my grandchildren..some teens still and early 20’s. They know where I stand but how to spell it out plain and clear to them without them just shaking their heads and being uncomfortable…I decided to pray that the Holy Spirit would do a work in their hearts and that other people their own age would be Christian and they would more readily accept from them.

    My children…their parents are Christian but don’t really speak to them about the Lord. When they were little they did but right now they’re in the survival mode of living…work and play. Actually one of my sons does talk about God and the Christian faith but his son is questioning why we are so sure ‘ours’ is the only way….that other religions think theirs’ is also etc. He’s still mulling over the answers he’s received from my son and me.

    So I wait either for the Holy Spirit or for the right moment to speak myself to them…if I do at all. Is that a cop out?

  2. Good post, John. It made me think very hard about past conversations I’ve had with co-workers. They know where I stand in my relationship with the Lord but I don’t always share the good news with them as I should. Thanks for the encouraging post. Agreed…it’s too important to not talk about.

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