When is the last time you read the book of Jude?  You know, that really short one just before Revelation.  This is a seldom taught and thus seldom read book of the Bible but it is so important to us in this day and age.  Jude writes this very urgent letter to instruct his readers on how to identify false teachers.  Jude does not hold any punches in his short letter when it comes to the character and judgment of these misleading leaders.  He compares them to Sodom and Gomorrah, fruitless tress and fallen angels.  Jude implores his readers to “contend vigorously” for the one true faith and gospel. He warns them to beware of self-seekers who wish to detract from Christ’s gospel.

So, what does false doctrine look like?  False doctrine is anything that places its focus outside of faith in Jesus Christ.  So…

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  1. It’s a book I’ll read.

    It’s something that is a challenge for sure…defending the faith…not that I find it difficult to speak on behalf of Jesus but treading that line of not getting into a ‘what is perceived as trying to convince me when I don’t care’ or ‘I believe in God …that’s all that I need’ attitude…or ‘why do you think your ‘Jesus’ or your ‘Bible’ is the only way…

    I speak from my faith and I believe that I do stand up for the ‘only way’ to the best of my ability and have done so even with other bloggers but when a mind is so closed and they won’t listen..just banter about what a cruel God we believe in to allow murders or little children, rape..and on and on, I finally have to say enough is enough..and allow them to hold on to their belief system and pray for them. I was bold enough or as they thought rude enough to suggest, that they would find the truth and they were upset that I said that I thought my way was the only truth etc.. etc. There is a point at which I believe I need to not banter with false believers. But when someone genuinely wants to know about Jesus as compared to another group that I know to be false, I will do my best to justify calling myself a ‘Christian’.

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