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I guess I just must be a little strange.  I like going to church, and I’m starting to think I must be quite a rarity.  Anyone else out there starting to feel like an endangered species?

I was looking around at the web pages of the church’s around our area.  I came across one nearby that said they started their congregation with the vision of establishing a church for people who “don’t like going to church”.   From what I’ve seen, they have quite a bit of competition.  I get a new flier every month for a start-up church with this same mission statement, and the churches that are already established seem to be headed in that same direction.  This sort of begs the question, Where are the churches for the people who like church?

In case someone is thinking of starting yet another church and wants to tap into…

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  1. As far as I’m concerned the list is right on. I do go to a church where prayer is of course a part of the service….reading and explaining the Gospel message, singing lovely hymns of praise and worship and the sharing of the bread and wine with respect to the ‘last supper’.

    Our church is also blessed with people who have a wonderful outreach to the community. Having said all that we, as a church need prayer because the number of the congregation is not as large as it could be due to the fact many young families are not finding the need to go to church.

    Of course people have their own preferences to what makes their church special and to what they feel brings them more able to worship and feel closer to the Lord…so whatever Christian church one belongs to that is the most important factor…at least that’s what I feel. (Diane)

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