Testimony Time

I have to admit that I was a bit standoffish when our small group co-leader asked us to write out our testimony so that we can share with others. I have my reasons…my testimony is boring…pretty mundane really. I don’t have this cool story about how before I was a Christian I was some rock star living the party life and then I came to Christ and that all stopped. I don’t have the Damascus road experience to share…no bright lights or voice from the heavens. It’s not a cool story, it’s pretty boring really, mundane even.

However as Christian each of our lives is a testimony to the changing power of Christ. Christ has done an amazing work within us of changing us from a sinner to a son or daughter of God. We should be able to look at our lives and say I love Jesus more now than I did last year at this time. Or we should be able to see how we have grown in Christ from the time we were first saved. Having a story that we can share with others may help them to see the power of Christ more clearly through our lives…so that we can someday say to them follow me as I follow Christ.

Why is it that when we want to talk about us (i.e. I like that movie, I love peanut butter pie) we have no problem talking freely, but when it comes to talking about what Jesus has done in our lives and the amazing work that is, we clam up? Has not much changed? Are we embarrassed? Has Christ not won the victory over our sin nature? Are our sins not covered in the Blood of the lamb?

Or is nothing really different except that we go to church on Sunday?

It is very important to be able to articulate what Christ has done in our lives, even in little ways, so that we can lead into a conversation that will give us the chance to share the gospel with the unsaved. There is unquestionably a time for the testimony to be shared and in some cases it can help to lead into sharing the gospel. And while it’s true that each day we are growing in Christ if we cannot point to any one point in time and say “This is where I was saved” then something is wrong.

Did not Paul in his letters tell us of the man he used to be and the man he now was?

On the flip side of that I have a little saying that kind of sticks with me: “Your changed life is not the gospel”. It’s not my saying of course…but it still rings true. Unsaved People aren’t going to see Jesus in us if we don’t start there. People won’t understand any more than we have developed a new habit if we don’t talk about Jesus, and not in mushy terms life “life-change”, a lot of things in this world have the power to “change your life”. Weight watchers can “change your life”, a tornado can “change your life”. But only Jesus can change your hearts desires. Only Jesus can change your position of right standing before God, from sinner to saint. Unsaved people really aren’t going to understand what we are trying to communicate to them by sharing our story without sharing Jesus’ story, boldly and unashamedly. While I understand that they still might not understand we have at least done our part in sharing the gospel, and as Christians that is a big part of what we are all called to do.


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  1. p.s. to above comment…The organization did hire me and I was there 13 years until I went on long term disability for M.S. I grew a lot as a Christian while I was there. (Diane)

  2. The first time I was asked to put down on paper to expain ‘testimony’, was when I was applying for a position at a Christian organization. To be honest I didn’t know exactly what they meant. I had not been in a Church that used that question, at least not the part that I was involved in. And so I wrote what God meant to me and how I believed Him to be an important part of my life. I had just been through a very bad episode of depression, even involving ‘shock treatments’, and didn’t really see how any organization such as this one in particular would want to have me as an employee. But God had brought me through and here I was telling a potential employer what my ‘testimony’ was.

    I can’t to be honest look back and say the exact moment in time when I was ‘saved’. There were several times that had an impact in my life related to being more aware of God however.

    You talk about being open and bold sharing Jesus. I remember searching for a closer relationship. And one of those times was early one Sunday morning on my way to work…I was working at a hospital as a switchboard operator at the time, and I was in my 20’s. It was a very snowy blustery day and as I was coming to a stop sign I noticed a Salvation Army gentleman getting out of a car going the opposite direction, and then crossing in front of me. He was looking for a ride, and while I never would ordinarily pick up a stranger to give a ride, because of the terrible snowy day I did offer him one. He was only in my car a very few minutes but he asked me if I was going to heaven. That shocked me as this man didn’t even know me and here he was asking a very personal question. However, i answered him and said that I hoped I was. He told me that I could ‘know’ that I was. Then he asked me to read me a chapter in the book of John that night, and that he would pray for me that day.

    Well, when I got home that night and before going to bed I remembered promising him that I would do as he asked me to, and so read the scripture. That was a significant memory for me. We as a family had been going to church and I had been longing for a closer walk with the Lord, and I believe He used this gentleman to challenge me, and start reading my Bible more, and to think on God more.

    In my own walk with God and the Lord Jesus, I do speak on His behalf whenever given the opportunity. Most recently I did become very bold and while with a family member and talking with God in general, and about my teenage grandchildren and what I thought ‘they’ needed to know about salvation, I did say that the fact they needed to believe Jesus died on the cross for them. The person I was with though I was going to say that they needed to go to church. But I said no…while that was important it was not the way to heaven.

    That’s about the boldest and most specific I had been especially with the family. And while I was doing so, I did not want to ‘push’ but explain when given the chance.

    Most people that I speak about Christianity with want to center on ‘God’ and not Jesus, so it is very challenging. I need and want to talk with all of my eight grandchildren about Jesus and am waiting for the opportunity to do so. I don’t see them that often and especially one on one.

    Please pray for these opportunities to arise. They have been raised with a ‘God’ knowledge but feel they don’t understand about ‘salvation’.

  3. The title “Dead Pastors Society” MADE me come here. I smiled and thought, “That’s the type of humor that will make for good reading,” and it is. Thanks.

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