The Trinity

The fine folks over at have done it again, they have produced another fantastic infographic. I love these, maybe because I’m a graphic designer and I’m inclined to visual things. This one is on one of the most essential Christian doctrines, the Trinity. I thought I’d pass this along to you in case you don’t follow Tim Challies blog. Which if you don’t you should, it’s totally worth it. Without further adieu here is the Trinity infographic.



3 thoughts on “The Trinity

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  2. While I think this is fantastic, one tiny bit bothered me (and it’s one that has come up innumerable times in the history of the Church). There is a strange tendency to equate the Father with the creator to the exclusion of the Son and Spirit. That’s a mistake (and I think there are several passages that can demonstrate this). Even Irenaeus’s claim that “the Son and Spirit are the two hands of the Father in creation” I think misses some the impact. It seems to me that (honestly) the only real distinction between the persons of the Trinity that are describable are in their relation to reach other (i.e. the Father begets the Son, the Spirit exalts the Son, the Son submits to the will of the Father, etc.). The wording in the infographic is carefully done to avoid this outright claim (the Father is “architect”), but it could easily lead to a denial that the Son or Spirit were involved in creation, which opens the door for a strange sort of subordinationism.

    • Interesting take on it, and I totally missed that myself. I would have a hard time believing that it is intentional oversight considering the source. My opinion: one verse that sums up this relationship the best is John 1:1, which is probably one of the verses to which you refer. Thanks for the input, and bringing light to this oversight, it is much appreciated.

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