Homosexuality vs. Gluttony

I took my small group through the study of judgment and judging others that I developed based off of yesterday’s blog post “Christian Jerks and Haters” and an excellent question was asked that I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer so I’m going to throw out the question for you the DPS audience in the form of a Theology Thursday question:

“How is the sin of gluttony any different from the sin of homosexuality? Biblically speaking since all sin is bad in God’s eyes”

The sin of gluttony is the single most overlooked sin, it’s brushed under the rug, not talked about…yet we expect Christians with homosexual leanings to cast off that sin…why are we not asking just as boldly to cast off the sin of gluttony?

I have my thoughts on this, which goes something like this: ”We should be asking Christians to throw off the sin of gluttony boldly and with love”

What are your thoughts?

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One thought on “Homosexuality vs. Gluttony

  1. There is no difference!!!! I am a heterosexual man. A Christian. A husband and a dad. I have no one in my family that is gay and I have very few gay friends. I would love to see a pastor stand in a pulpit and tell his overweight, out of shape, typical American congregation with all the American trappings to leave the church and not come back until they have repented of there gluteness ways. That what would go over like a lead balloon. At my church we have to have a reminder to silence our cell phones because as a nation we bring our idols to the place where we are supposed to be worshiping our savior and king. Most people can’t even walk through the door of the church unless they are holding their latest purchase from five bucks. We are so gluteness, yet we turn our nose and wag our fingers at the sin of homosexuality. We are so self righteous it makes me sick. The American church is way to into itself and it will be its down fall. I challenge anyone who may read this to replace the word adulterer to the word gay in the story of the woman who was about to be stoned to death for her sin. Kind of shocking how the American pharasees are so willing to throw stones. I know I am a sinner saved by grace and that grace is afforded to all. It is not the churches job to judge. It is however the churches and the Christians job to love our brother enough to tell them about our redeemer. It is the holy spirits job to place conviction in any sinners life enough that they want to repent and turn from their sin. I say love your brother no matter what his or her sin maybe. Love them enough to want to save their eternal souls. Take the plank out of your own eye before retrieving the speck out of someone else’s.

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