Ed Young Jr. vs. Calvinists

The twitter world (at least my little corner of it) is a buzz over comments made by “Pastor” Ed. Young Jr. mocking Calvinism in a recent Sunday message. While he is obviously misguided over the Doctrines of Grace (TULIP or BACON, whatever all the hipsters are calling it these days, I love bacon, but the across-stick doesn’t work as well as TULIP, just my opinion) as I pointed out in my blog post about Rob Bell, God always uses, what Satan intends for evil, for good according to His purposes (Gen. 50:20). It would be my guess that most of the people sitting in the congregation of Ed Young Jr.’s church have never given reformed theology a second thought…but they are thinking about it now…and maybe some of them are checking it out for themselves…and maybe a few of them aren’t agreeing with Pastor Young but are saying, this Calvinism stuff makes sense…more sense than Pastor Young makes (seriously the guy is the Michael Scott of preaching.) The beauty of the Doctrines of Grace is that they are not a man-made idea, but an idea that is reflected over and over in Scripture, so, in a sense, Calvinism  is the logical conclusion of many, many verses in the Bible that when put together, taken in context, results in the Doctrines of Grace. It’s not an idea that John Calvin had and then went to the Bible to find support for. My point being that maybe Ed Young Jr.’s comments, as derogatory as they were, may at least spark someone’s interest into checking out reformed theology on their own and lead them to eventually see that Ed Young’s theology doesn’t match up with the Bible…and causing them to leave that church to find one that does teach Biblical theology.

Furthermore, I’d like to propose that taking to the blog-o-sphere and Twitter decrying pastor Young Jr.’s statements is exactly the reaction that he intended when he made them, so really we are only going to prove his point. He just wants to be at the center of a controversy and the more we talk, the more petrol we add to the fire. (Side note: I like using the word petrol, what a fun word for gas)

Lastly, let us pray…for the thousands who go to Ed Young’s church…and others like it (see: Rick Warren et all.) that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes to the true saving power of the Gospel. And lastly let’s love those who call us, in the reformed camp, evil for His names sake…for it’s not a war of flesh and blood we fight, but a war of Spirit.


7 thoughts on “Ed Young Jr. vs. Calvinists

  1. Ok… Watching the video you linked John:

    1) He’s saying that some “Calvinist” churches put God in a box and use him to “prey” on people. While I agree this is not true for most of the people I choose to associate with, could it be true for some church leaders (thinking about Jude and the Apostate)?

    2) I don’t really know what the term Reformed Theology means so I need to research it. I also don’t know what he means by Deformed Ecclesiology. My two take-away study items. If you have any resources I’m interested.

    3) I agree that his tone is disagreeable and at 2:27 I think the tone he is implementing is exactly what he is decrying, thereby lowering his message’s credibility.

    4) I find the very deterministic ends of Calvinism to be truly terrifying (CF Romans 9, Job, and Judas Iscariot – I can’t think of more terrifying scenarios). I don’t know why he’s spinning it like it’s cool and intellectual or whatever. Most of the hipster, musicians, non-church going Christians, and artist friends I have, I believe, are Arminians – or so I conclude from various conversations and living in community with them.

    5) Whosoever, whosoever, whosoever, whosoever, whosoever, whosoever, whosoever, whosoever, praise my words, blah blah blah

    6) @ 6:15 – whenever I go to a church, I ask myself, “Does this look like a skating rink from the 90s?” If the answer is yes, I get the hell out of there ASAP. 😀

    7) @ 8:30 or so – is this what the SBC churches care about? baptizing thousands of people every year? McDonald’s sold 2 million burgers, and helped sink a nation into bloated cardiac stressed bliss. Tanners in Kansas city probably sold maybe a couple thousand “boogas” that taste effing awesome and didn’t cause irreparable harm to the nation. I think he should be careful with throwing numbers out there willy-nilly, especially since he doesn’t cite any reputable source, nor clearly define who he is accusing

    8) @8:40 – I’m smoking CAO America Landmarks sucka!

    9) I can’t really handle his BLOG comments. I don’t think it’s biblical for him to put down free speech, or people’s callings. Actually, I can’t really handle the last 3-4 minutes. He talks about stuff I don’t care about, and I’m not really interested in his assessment of the social effectiveness of any group of believers… strike that – social habits of any people group on earth.

    Were I to walk into this guy’s church, I would have to evaluate a few of his sermons before I decided to stay or go. My reaction to this 12 minute clip certainly isn’t very positive.

    • Thi s will require some serious discussion…Reformed theology refers to Calvinist basically, and to a lesser extent Lutherans…people who look to the reformers (Luther, Knox, Hus, Calvin) for their theology..Ecclesiology refers to the study of the church and how it functions. I’ll give you some resources in another blog post…thanks for the topic.

      • I probably, to quote the great Sir Topham Hat, “am causing confusion and delay” by stating this but:

        Most confessional Lutherans would say that Arminians and Calvinists are the two opposing sides to the same reformed coin, and would deny that Lutherans are ‘reformed’ at all. I am not Lutheran, but I like them for stating the obvious.

        The problem with ‘reformed’ theology in general is that it seems to be willing to do whatever it takes in order to make everything fit neatly into an easy to understand package.

    • If you want to listen to the most thorough review of this message you should listen to this review by Alpha & Omega ministries, it’s about 45 minutes long and he’s (the host) exactly right:

      [audio src="http://www.aomin.org/podcasts/20120626.mp3" /]

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