The Mega-Pastors Training Manual

The New Book from Mega-Church Pastor Perry Furtick!

Available now on and at your local Way of Life Christian Bookstore!

Does your congregation need to shut up listen to your story? Do they need to quit whining about going deeper into the Bible and do what you tell them? Are the unblessed members of your congregation not tithing enough to pay for your church?Are the members of your congregation holding you back from unleashing your fullest potential as a pastor? Do you desire to be a pastor of pastors?

This book is for you!

Just listen to the chapter titles:

Chapter 1: How to Get Your Ego Through the Door.

Chapter 2: How to Read Yourself into Every Verse of Scripture! (except the boring ones)

Chapter 3: Extreme Illustrations!!! = Extreme Obedience!!!

Chapter 4: Remembering: It’s, Really, All About You.

Chapter 5: Eisegesis is not a Dirty Word.

Chapter 6: Discrediting Your Critics.

Chapter 7: On “Visitation”: Creative Names for your favorite Sports Craft and Watering Holes.

Chapter 8: How to Dance on the Fine Line Between Training And Abuse.

Chapter 9: Giving Them What they Want: How to Scratch Itching Ears.

Chapter 10: Guilt & Blessings: How to Increase your Churches Tithe Every Sunday!

Chapter 11: Unleashing the Desires of your Heart–Your God-Given Dream.

Chapter 12: How to Get Away Saying Crazy #$!@ on Stage.

Chapter 13: How to Avoid (Moral & Financial) Bankruptcy.

Available now on and at your local Way of Life Christian Bookstore! And don’t forget to pre-Order the sequel “Humble Servant 2, Who Moved My Latte?”


6 thoughts on “The Mega-Pastors Training Manual

  1. It will be of great help as a pastor,who have started a church,but didn’t have an opportunity to go to the bible school because of financial difficulties

  2. Way to glorify Christ with all the hate. While others move forward spreading the Gospel it seems you enjoy spending your time critiquing them.

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