Worth Checking Out

I just wanted to pass along this little gem of information. I was chatting with one of my “tweeps” the other day and she mentioned that she was looking for a good church to go to. You can please pray for her and her family as it’s not easy in this day and age to find a good Scripture teaching church, that’s not caught up in being “seeker-sensitive” or “relevant.” (I just threw up in my mouth a little) Anyway, I remembered this little gem by Todd Friel from Wretched Radio and I just wanted to pass it along. It’s called “Almost 25 Questions that will Save You a Lot of Sundays” It’s conveniently a downloadable pdf, these are questions for the pastor with the answers you should be getting. You may think they are fairly obvious, but they are a real time saver.

Also, speaking of churches, I went to a wedding last weekend at a nearby Lutheran church. It was beautiful and simple. The gospel in all of its glory was preached, and what better time than a wedding. The main thrust of the pastors message was that they were marring a sinner that could not fulfill them so don’t try to make the other person do for them something they can’t, because only Christ can. And for prayer we said the Lord’s Prayer. I cried at it’s simple beauty, that doesn’t make me a baby, it makes me a cry baby. I really think I could handle being a Lutheran if it weren’t for the infant baptism, but that’s a post for another time.

And speaking of Lutherans, I got my Pirate Christian Radio bake-sale t-shirt in the mail last night, it looks great and I’m glad the money is going to support a good cause. You can get yours by following this link.


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