A Personal Message from Perry Nobel to Steven Furtick


**Hello, This is Pastor Stevens’ personal line, I’m screening my calls right now for security purposes, but if you leave a message I’ll get back with you as soon as the sun stands still for me, and don’t forget to get your copy of Sun-Stand Still at amazon.com, or in Elevation churches bookstore. Have a blessed day.**

*Steven, it’s me Perry, man pick up I know you’re listening….look whatever…Hey I just wanted to say a big Thank You…I see what you’re doing and I can’t thank you enough, you’re getting guys like Ken Silva and Chris Rosebrough off my back and paying more attention to you than me. Yeah, I know those guys are just Basement Living Opinion Giver’s but some of the stuff they say, man don’t tell nobody, but it’s really true…you’re going to delete this message right? Anyway, since you’ve been praising guys like my homeboy TD Jakes and Rod Parsley and welcoming them to your church as brothers, the wider audience you’re getting among those guys, man, it’s awesome. You are making me look orthodox. Remember, for your next Code Orange Revival you have to get Mark Batterson, between his Circle-Maker book and your Sun-Stand Still book there’s no way we can’t get God to bless the crap out of us. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a quick FYI on what I’m doing, you see, while you’ve been rolling with TD and Rod, I’ve been hanging with Mark Driscoll, he’s got me blogging as part of his website, The Resurgence, BUT not blogging like Ken Silva or Chris Rosebrough, no, my blogging is legit…so yeah, and you know Driscoll he’s got connections…Matt Chandler…Darrin Patrick…all those Acts 29 guys…and Mark’s setting me up a meeting with Rick Warren next week… awesome…and get this, Driscoll said that Warren would be glad to introduce me to John Piper. Man, I just feel like we’re really blessed right now. It’s only a matter of time my friend…soon the church world will be ours to rule and we’ll crush those rebels in one fail swoop. **cough** Sorry, my voice got all weird there, don’t know what happened. Anyway man…Just want to say, thanks again…you are making me look good, our plan is working, and…


Amos 3:3 “Do two men walk together unless they have made an agreement?”

What will happen to the church if we do not confront the heresy in it, and declare the men spreading it anathema? How many more people will get hurt and believe the lies of the devil? Pastors like Mark Driscoll and Darrin Patrick talk a lot about acting like a man, it’s time the examined themselves and acted like a man on behalf of the church and call out–and kick out–the heretics instead of welcoming them in or turning a blind eye to those in error.