The Five

Five amazing blog posts that I read last week that are so brilliant I wish I had written them…but I didn’t, so I’m passing them along to you.

This blog post, from Dr. Albert Mohler, talks about the problem of Christian culture. When a woman writes a letter to the editor “shocked” that the daughter she raised in a Christian home has turned away from the faith,  Dr. Mohler gives a great response that should have all of us asking if we really want a Christian culture or do we want Christ?

This blog post, from Canadian Lutheran answers the age-old question:”Can anything good come from Canada?” just kidding, it’s actually a great, and Biblical, counterpoint to all the “Greater” nonsense that Steven Furtick is putting out there. It’s called Vocation: The Spirituality of an Ordinary Life.

This blog post, from Stand Up for the Truth warns of New-Age, Emergent Church leader, Brian McLaren and his latest book: “Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed cross the road?” and no it’s not a bad joke, well, it is a bad joke, but more importantly it’s bad theology.

This blog post, from actor-comedian-political conservative, Steven Crowder is actually a lovely tome, to marriage and abstinence.

This blog post, from CARM’s Tony Miano answers a question I’ve struggled with for years as “Friendship Evangelism” is something we’ve held as a proper evangelism method at our church for years and I’ve frankly never understood why. The post is called Why Friendship Evangelism is Neither Friendship nor Evangelism discuss…