The Five

Five amazing blog posts that I read last week that are so brilliant I wish I had written them…but I didn’t, so I’m passing them along to you.

It’s a shame that I can’t actually recall the last time I heard the congregation singing in church. This blog post by Mike Raiter, explores that idea a bit, it’s called The slow death of congregational singing.

Last week, my post on the evils of the W-F heresy got the most views, it began with a look at Joel Osteen’s new book I Declare. This post by Dr. Al Mohler, looks at Joel’s appearance on CNN in correlation to the book release.

The issue of tithing is one that really gets to me, it’s grossly misinterpreted by many, MANY churches theses days. This blog post by Daniel Neades looks at one of the verses often used to confuse this teaching, it’s called: Cain and Abel, Law and Gospel. (Also I recommend if you have a few hours you look over the rest of the posts in the series, it’s very thorough and excellent.)

The doctrine of hell is one that many people have issue with, whether or not they believe God would actually send people to hell for eternity or not. This blog post from my friend, Pastor David Shrock looks at, from a certain point of view, the beauty of hell, it’s called: Eternal Judgment: An Unbelievable Problem or A Blessed Promise?

This blog post, by Paul David Tripp looks at the issue of Pride in the Pulpit and wonders about the heart attitude of the pastor that preaches a sermon primarily on the law.