The Five plus 2

Five amazing blog posts that I read last week that are so brilliant I wish I had written them…but I didn’t, so I’m passing them along to you.

There are a couple of Christian liberties that I very much see both sides of the issue on, and could go either way on personally. The liberty of alcohol is one of those. I was raised as a traditional Southern Baptist, meaning my drink menu consisted of four things: milk, water, tea and Coke* I’ve only really seen drinking alcohol as a Christian liberty, not to be abused, in the past ten years or so. This blog post by Chris Anderson provided a very good counter point to the idea of drinking as a christian liberty.

I have been know to be somewhat critical of certain men who claim to be pastors, I maintain I am well within my rights as a Christian to do so. A public mishandling of God’s Word calls for a public rebuke, as Paul did with Peter for example. I have even been critical of my own pastor at times. This blog post from Brian Hedges, is a good reminder of when to and when not to be critical of your own pastor, and when and how to approach the situation.

If you want an article that’s quite deep and something to ponder for a few days I suggest this blog post by Rev. John Samson over at  Reformation Theology , entitled Two Ways in Which Kingdom through Covenant Misrepresents Traditional Covenant Theology. It’ll will make you think about what we are really saying when we refer to Covenant and Replacement Theology.

This past week the band Mumford & Sons released their much-anticipated sophomore album entitle Babel, much to the delight of this guy.and me as well. While I’ve never thought of M&S to be a “Christian” band (probably because of the whole gratuitous use of the f-word thing.) I have been surprised to find out they are a band made up of christians. This review of the album by NPR has a very telling paragraph in the middle concerning the mega-church. In fact, it’s pretty much the only reason I linked it here in the first place. I always find secular observations about the mega-church to be interesting.

And finally, for a good laugh, this blog post, by Jon Acuff had me ROFL, well not literally–that would be weird, but I did LOL several times. I was drawn in by this phrase: “Cats have such disdain for humanity that they are never service animals.” and it only gets better from there. So enjoy!

* I grew up in Tennessee, Coke means any soft drink (i.e. “What kind of Coke do you want?”)


Here are two bonus articles that aren’t really blog posts, so they don’t fit the theme, but I wanted to pass theme along anyway.

This news report comes out of Australia concerning a notice that a local church was given by the town. It’s very troubling, the folks down there need our prayers. I believe this is exactly the same kind of persecution you will see in America soon if things continue in the direction they are going.

This news report concerning a review of the POTUS speech to the UN about Muslims is very troubling as well, because those who speak up against Muslims are Christians.