An Open letter in Response to an Open Letter

thelloThe folks over at SBC ISSUES have been busy, not with spreading the gospel, but trying to rid the SBC of *gasp* Calvinists. Here is a link to their open letter calling for all Calvinists to effectively be “excommunicated” from the SBC. Since this guys goal is probably to just drive web traffic to his web site I’m probably doing him a favor, but since my response probably won’t show up on his blog here it is for you all to see.

“It seems to me your open letters intent is more to complain about there being Calvinists in the SBC then to present any sort of real compromise or even anything that resembles a sound theological argument.  Do you even know or fully understand what points of Calvinism you take issue with? Is there anything about Calvinism that you can Biblically refute or do you have to land on “I don’t know” as an answer? Most of the time when people have a problem with Calvin’s theology it’s because they don’t really fully understand it, they ignorantly presume that Hyper-Calvinism and Calvinism are the same thing. Have you even read Institutes of the Christian Religion to know what you disagree with?   

The entire tone of your post indicates that being a Calvinist is the worst possible thing in the world, not being lost and on the broad road to hell, but a Calvinist. I have never heard Al Mohler preach anything other than Christ as savior. Do you think he says Calvin instead of Christ? If so you probably need to listen to his sermons again.

I do agree with you on one point though and that is this: “a non-calvinist SBC will not hamper God’s sovereign work of salvation.” God’s sovereign work of salvation won’t be hampered by any one person, but it certainly won’t be helped by anyone who is more concerned with weeding out a *gasp* Calvinist SBCer than he is proclaiming God’s Word. What you are doing is the equivalent of racism, only yours is based on theological positions rather than skin color, but the attitude is the same. “I can’t work with him because he’s _______ (fill in the blank). Instead of linking arms with someone who is a brother in Christ to accomplish the common goal we share of proclaiming Christ to the lost world you’d rather excommunicate them so you don’t have to deal with them or at least you don’t have to support them with your CP dollars, not because they have done anything wrong because, as you point out, they’ve done an exemplary job in their positions, but because they are a Calvinist. THAT is racist, and that is where you are wrong.”

I realize amassing a blogging war of words is sort of the equivalent of saying “huge ping-pong match” or “big pillow fight”, the irony isn’t lost on me, but when people who otherwise claim to be reasonable have opinions as absurd as this it needs address.