As the newest member of the DPS team, I wanted to write a little something as way of an


introduction.  I am a husband of 14 years and a father of 4 wonderful kids.  My family and I live in Rome, Georgia (about 65 miles northwest of Atlanta).  I became familiar with Dead Pastors Society through following John Downey on Twitter.  I knew that he and I were similar theologically so I found my interest definitely piqued when I discovered he was looking for another team member to write here on the blog.  I decided to check out the About DPS page to make sure I would be a good fit here.  I decided to go ahead and ask John to consider me when I read this:


We do not try to rename, redefine or recreate Christianity for the 21st century. We simply look to the past, the pastors who have gone on to glory and Christ himself to guide and direct us today.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I do not think the church needs to be reinvented in order to be “relevant” to today’s culture.  What it needs is men who will faithfully and boldly preach the Word of God.  Not only is the Word sufficient to save souls and grow the church… is the only thing that is sufficient to do those things.

I look forward to adding my thoughts to those already here and especially look forward to great discussions centered around our great God and His church.  My plan is to post on Mondays here.  In the meantime you can keep up with me on Twitter (@skclowdus).

See you Monday.