The Five, December 4, 2012

Five Blog posts that are interesting and informative, that you might have missed this past week.

5It seems like a shameless self-promotion, but since I didn’t write the piece it can’t be so. This is an interesting article by a man who is now one of my colleagues here at DPS, Sheldon Clowdus…it’s a brilliant little reminder of how we should be growing Christ’s church.

Tim Challies came out with a good list of some new books you should check out soon, or give to people if you’re looking for present ideas for the avid book lover in your life. After all as the highly esteemed Dr. Albert Mohler would say: “Leader’s are readers.”

Advent started this past Sunday, so my timing on this could be off a little, but if you are looking for some good resources on Advent for your family or Small Group or Sunday School class, David Platt came out with an excellent list of some Advent resources you should check out.

Here is an interesting piece from my brother in Christ, Jared C. Wilson over at TGC, about the rest we as Christians find in Christ. it’s a short piece and well worth your time to read. Also be advised that the photo he used in the piece is hard to look at.

From time to time I have friends ask me different questions about where to find this or that in the Bible, I’m no great Bible scholar, but I do have stored in my head a collection of odd facts about the Bible, for instance, Did you know in the KJV of the Bible Unicorns are mentioned 9 times? Or that dinosaurs are found in the Bible. I had a friend ask me just this week the passage that mentions dinosaurs so I pointed him to my favorite resource on the subject of creation Answers in Genesis, after all if we don’t trust what God says in His word, what authority do we have to stand on as Christians.