The Five, December 11, 2012

Once again here are five blog post from this past week that you might have missed.

five1) One of my favorite new words is Narcigesis, Eisegesis is reading something into scripture that isn’t there, or strays from the authors original intent. Narcissism is egotism, vanity, conceit, or simply selfishness. Thusly Narcigesis is something that should be stayed away from at all costs…but if your interested or enjoy the preaching style of Steven Furtick here is a helpful article by Chris Rosebrough on “How to Narcigete Any Bible Story” it’s actually a lot more edifying an article than it sounds.

2) And speaking of Narcigesis….the king of Narcigesis, Steven Furtick, has been having quite a few spontaneous baptismal services over at Elevation church, well it turns out they aren’t so spontaneous after all. And if you read through the memo there’s a lot more going on than simply being prepared with a few extra towels.

3) And speaking of Narcigesis and Steven Furtick, have you ever heard someone say “Doctrine divides but Jesus unites.” or  “Jesus didn’t care about doctrine.” or some other such nonsense? Here is an excellent reminder from JC Ryle about the dangers of False Doctrine, that shows us that we must be diligent about guarding against false doctrine.

4) I’m combining two articles together here because they are essentially on the same subject, sanctification. One article is an excellent reminder from Tullian Tchividjian on who needs our good works. And the other is a short devotional from Ligonier Ministries called “Grace for the Weary”

5) I have been called to be a pastor, it’s a very nobel calling indeed, and in this article by Al Mohler we understand why.