God is a rock for a fearful world

It’s December 21, yeah, you know the rest.

There have been tons of jokes floating around leading up to today. But for many people, today is no laughing matter – panicked people acting like today really is the end of the world – they have sold all their possessions or have given all their money away. Some are holed up in caves and special shelters.

Cubans participate in a Mayan ritual at Bacuranao beach in eastern Havana.

Source: The Telegraph

It’s sad really. There are so many people figuratively holding their breaths in awestruck fear that the world is ending. It’s like that scene from “Wargames” where all the folks are standing around during the assumed Russian missle attack. They hold their breaths waiting to hear any lonely voice from the first military bases to be hit by the nuclear missles.

Sadly, many Christians are caught up in this apocalyptic fever. They are fearful of what is to come. What this really says about their faith is even more frightening – they don’t trust God.

Christian leaders aren’t helping either. One pastor near my town proclaimed that God can’t stop calamities. He didn’t say that he didn’t stop them, or wouldn’t stop them. He said God can’t stop them.

That is not the God of the Bible.

Even the mega-church pastors are having a hard time explaining this, which is tragic because so many people follow their every word. Their god only wants what’s best for us, so we should look to better times. Or, they just sit there shrug their shoulders, as if God is a mystery they just don’t understand.

Now, more than ever, the secular and Christian world need to hear about the God of the Bible. The Supreme, Eternal God of the Bible, that knows everything, can do anything, and does not change. People need to hear about this immovable Rock that we can cling to in the calamities and disasters that are going to affect us.

Go read about times of calamity through Job’s eyes. The first three chapters and last four chapters of Job are great to read when you are faced with disasters that are seemingly overwhelming. Throw in Psalm 139 for good measure. These few chapters can help you get your mind right about who God is, and what power, authority and majesty He has.

We don’t have to be fearful of what is to come. We don’t have to worry about tomorrow. God is not sitting on His throne waiting to see what happens next. He knows what will happen – and even if it something that seems bad to us, He works all situations out for good (to those called to His purpose).

Study God’s sovereignty through Moses, David, Isaiah, the Gospels, Paul, Peter and Revelation. The whole Bible shows us a great viewpoint of God doing what He wants, when He wants, and how He wants to affect human history.

Christ’s resurrection is proof of God’s power – of His power. If we are believers in Christ, we don’t have to worry about what tomorrow brings, good or bad. Yes, there will be tragedy and suffering in this life. But, never think it is out of God’s control. He sits on His throne, with Christ next to Him. They are not frantically pacing about, or strategizing about how to recover from something unexpected.

God sits. He is in control and not worried. We shouldn’t worry either. Don’t give in to the fear of the world. Instead, enlighten people to the real power and authority of this nation, this world. God is still in control, even when we seem to be out of control.