The Seven

The new and improved version of  “The Five

sevenYes, the Seven is the new and improved version of The Five…all new for 2013! Check back here each Tuesday for some thought-provoking blog posts that you might have missed in all the hustle and bustle. And for the first time this year enjoy these Seven blog posts that were thought-provoking and edifying.

1) To start things off is a devotional from Pastor and Teacher Ken Silva, yes THAT Ken Silva, we have a tendency to only think of the one aspect of someones ministry that they are “known” for, but Pastor Ken is more than just the Apprising Ministries guy, he’s also an excellent pastor and teacher as shown in this blog post, Lay Hold and Grow.

2) Next is a blog post from Southern Seminaries’ Center for Biblical Worship, it’s a good piece on the character of the Worship Leader and asks some interesting questions, it’s called The Worship Leader and Character, (it probably could have been more cleverly titled but I’ve been known to lay an egg or two myself.)

3) Twitter is a unique place on the interwebz and is often difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t use it, in this blog post, called To Those That Just Don’t Understand Twitter… my friend Bobby does an excellent job of explaining the Twitter community.

4) Being a discernment blogger is often a very, VERY thankless task, so it’s rare when a reader, who once held opposing views, responds positively. But just such a thing does happen as is proof in this blog post over at “Do Not Be Surprised” it’s called, “Thank You, Lord. Reader Is Led “to the Truth I Tried to Reject

5) A lot of times we feel like the majority of the people in our church every week all understand the same basic things, but we all know what happens when we assume things don’t we? This blog post by Kevin DeYoung over at TGC does a good job exploring this misconception a little more, it’s called, Things People Should Never Say They Never Heard at Your Church.

6) I’m often surprised (though I guess I shouldn’t be) by the gradual sanitizing of American History that’s being systematically done by all government institutions. Being related to American Patriot Ethan Allen (not the furniture store guy) I’ve often considered trying to get the DAR scholarship for my two girls when they go to college, but after this move by the DAR, as noted by Stand Up for Truth I’m seriously reconsidering, it’s called Group Told to Stop Praying in Jesus’ Name.

7) FREE resources are great because, well, they’re FREE, but they’re even better when they are as edifying as this FREE resource from Monergism Books, (who we at DPS proudly support) This particular FREE resource is called The Sufficiency of Jesus Christ Alone: Classic Essays on the  Doctrine of Justification.