The Seven 01.29.13

Here are seven more great blog posts and articles from this past week that you shouldn’t miss.

seven1) What do you think of when you think of the Ice Age? Probably the three movies that Dreamworks has released, at least that’s what I think of. However, the ice Age was a real period of time on the earth, and not millions of years ago either. Ken Ham from AiG talks about this in his post Where Does the Ice Age Fit?

2) In related news this week, kind of, in my mind anyway, NASA scientist have disclosed that ‘There is no convincing physical evidence to support the man-made climate change hypothesis’  And then they were defunded by the government.

3) I was talking this week to some high school students about the test they had just taken over the subject of evolution (I always pronounce it EVIL-lution, but that’s just me) I asked them if the creation view was presented at all, he answered “briefly and only as a theory” how briefly? “The teacher mentioned it was a theory, that’s it” Was evolution presented as a theory? “not really” responded the teenager. Are you concerned that your kids may be indoctrinated in the same way? Do you want to tell the government to stick it? Homeschool your kids, is a great article by Forbes magazine on the subject.

4) Would you let your pre-teen daughter read Bram Stokers Dracula or the Twilight series? I’d let her read Dracula, and so would this guy.

5) This weeks entry from TGC is all about those Lutherans in What about those Lutherans?

6) Can you trust the Bible?

7) How can you tell if a pastor is leading his church astray? How can it be diagnosed? Here’s some help on that subject from J.C. Ryle. in J.C. Ryle on the Symptoms of False Doctrine.

AND since I missed last week’s edition of ‘the Seven‘ here are a bonus couple of links from my friend Ken Silva over at Apprising Ministries:

7a) Putting Faces On Word Of Faith Victims

7b) All Who Believe In Jesus May Be Saved


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