The Seven 2.12.13

Seven great blog posts (and two great videos) from this past week that you don’t want to miss

sevena1) Yesterday’s biggest news was the pope stepping down from his position as the “Vicar of Christ”, the first pope to do so since before the Protestant Reformation. As I have pointed out here before, the Roman Catholic Church is far removed from Biblical Christianity. Here are two blog posts further explaining why. The first is from Sinclair Ferguson. What is the Greatest of All Protestant “Heresies”? 

2) This blog post is an excerpt from JC Ryle Should Christians Confess Sins to An Earthly Priest?

3) My oldest daughter turns 12 tomorrow, if I were able to put together all the words I wanted to say to her it may sound something like this: A Father’s Letter to His Daughters…

4) Have you read The Explicit Gospel from Matt Chandler? I haven’t yet, but my friend Julia has and she gives her review of the book here: We Need an Explicit Gospel, but Chandler’s Isn’t Perfect

5) Can you be reformed and Charismatic? It’s an interesting question to consider and though I know what side of the debate I land on you may want to consider these thoughts from Micheal Horton. Reformed and Charismatic?

6) Sometimes we have to wrestle with certain texts in the Bible to draw out their full meaning. Here’s an example of such from Clint Letterman over at Past and Present blog. Mini-devo on II Peter 2:12-14

7) I am a big fan of Johnny Cash in this article from Russel Moore he explores what it was about the Man in Black that has endured for fans and the lessons that can be learned for men of God as well. Johnny Cash at Eighty


Here are a couple of videos that would be well worth your time to watch, neither is very long

This video is from the great RC Sproul as he discusses the necessities of evangelism in spite of the doctrine of predestination. (I had trouble embedding this one so you’ll have to click on the link.)

The Divine Initiative

This video is from Wretched, at least that’s where I saw it, and it discusses the science behind Noah’s Ark.

Also here’s a new addition to The Seven the “Tweet of the Week”. I’ve been know to be on twitter from time to time and here is one of the best tweets I saw all week.