Situational Thursday

field chairReal life, Real situations, Real church, How do you respond?

Authors NOTE: I feel like I’ve spent a lot of my time here in the blogosphere preaching to the choir and in theological discussion…ignoring some more practical aspects of ministry. So  in an  effort to correct that I’m going to try a new segment here on DPS and until I come up with a better name I’m calling it Situational Thursday. I’m going to propose a situation to you all. Sometimes real, sometimes not, that is important to think about as the pastor of a church. Sometimes the situation will be a relationship matter, sometimes it will be a staff matter but it will always need an answer and response. So let’s spend some time, collectively, coming up with the best possible response. I hope these will spark intelligent conversation and fruitful discussion that we can all learn from and appreciate.

Situation: Church has just let out on a Sunday morning. People are doing their typical Sunday morning stand around and talk or scurry for the door. In the midst of the action one of the preschool workers pulls you aside to tell you that little Timmy in class today claimed that his step-father had abused him. You know his step-father you’ve met him several times and he occasionally attends service, he didn’t necessarily seem like the violent type but people are good at hiding things, especially to pastors. You see Timmy’s step-father making his way back to the preschool class to get Timmy.

What do you do?


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