The Seven 2.19.13

Seven Great Blog posts you Almost Missed…but didn’t…Thanks to the Seven!

seven1) The first entry is from Mark over at Here I Blog…it’s called Pour yourself into the Church?

2) Our next entry is from Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries and is on a subject I’ve been stuck on myself lately, The Dangers of False Unity.

3) Guess who is going to be on Oprah’s Life-Class again, peddling his own Purpose-Driven™ Best life now, self-help Christless Christianity.

4) Ever find yourself asking yourself: “Self, what, exactly, is Calvinism?” I don’t, because I know what Calvinism is, and I don’t talk to myself, but if you were wondering find out here: What Is Calvinism? by Benjamin B. Warfield

5) Our own Dan Kassis has written an excellent blog piece over on his regular blog called: “The breath of God and the beginning of life” it is well worth your time to read.

6) As someone in my family asked me when I declared that I was, in fact, a Calvinist (another term for Biblical Christin) Are people predestined to go to Hell?” It’s an excellent question and here is a solid answer.How Willingly Do People Go to Hell?

7) I’m still waiting for your input in my post from last Thursday, come on folks lets share our experience. Situational Thursday: Real life, Real situations, Real church, How do you respond?

7a) Since I don’t normally steer people back to my own blog posts here on the Seven here is a bonus entry from fellow DPSer, John Broom who wonders:Why we follow pastors and teachers?”


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