Top 10 list about The Bible on History Channel

Here are the top 10 ways you know The Bible on The History Channel may not be 100% Biblically-based.

(Remember, the late-night Top Ten lists were once offered in a spirit of humor, please read it as such).

10. The inn keeper closes the door on Mary and Joseph, then breaks into an a capella rendition of Mary, Did You Know?

9. The three Wise Men are played by Ice Road Truckers Hugh Rowland, Rick Yemm and Alex Debegorski.

8. Donald Trump shows up with Samuel to tell Saul “You`re Fired.”

7. Passover is brought to you by Applebee`s.

6. Instead of stoning Paul, city leaders send him to diversity and sensitivity training.

5. Satan tempts Jesus with a rap contract, You Tube video and da bling bling.

4. “Change the World” is the catch phrase for every episode.

3. One of the Disciples asks Peter, “What Would Jesus Do”, and then smiles at the camera.

2. God gives everyone a pass at the end because he just loves everyone so gosh darn much.

1. At the big wedding scene, Jesus is about to ignore his mother – until Rick Warren shows up to remind him of his “purpose.”