The Seven 3.5.13

Seven Great Blog Posts from this Past Week that you Shouldn’t Miss

sevenaBefore I get started with this weeks list I’d like to apologize for not posting this last week. (For the tens and tens of you that actually read it) I try to do this post every week, it’s just that some weeks are busier than others, but such is life I guess. Now on to the list…

1) The BIG news in Christiandom these days is the Bible mini-series that is currently airing on the History Channel. It has received mixed reviews in the circles I run in…okay it’s received negative reviews in the circles I run in…my personal problems and preferences aside I saw this negative review, and for reasons that closely match my own, from a purely unexpected source The New York Times.

2) Speaking of the Bible there is something I want you to know about it…it’s not about you…

3) Something else that’s big in religious news right now is the fact that the Cardinals are meeting at Vatican City to elect the new Pope. I’ve touched on why Catholics Aren’t Christians before but it’s always good to hear from others on the issue, so here is an interesting and informative article by John MacArthur on Exposing the Heresies of the Catholic Church: Mary Worship

4) And while you’re talking to your Catholic Friends you may want to try to evangelize them, How would you begin? John MacArthur has some help on that for you as well:  John MacArthur on Evangelism

5) Do you have a hard time finding a good book for a teen audience on reformed theology? Well I do…and I stumbled across this book review by Clint Letterman this week for a book called Predestination he gives a fair review of the book…short and to the point. If Clint keeps this up he’ll become my go to guy for book reviews…taking Tim Challies place.

6) And one question that is sure to come up when discussing The Doctrines of Grace is that of “Free-will” This lecture by RC Sproul will help answer those questions, it’s called: Is God or Man Sovereign?

7) And to end on a concerning note: Massachusetts Eliminates Gender Distinctions in Public Schools

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4 thoughts on “The Seven 3.5.13

  1. Do you know of any books on reformed theology for Children? Since I currently unable to find a CChurch that handles God’s word correctly I need to teach my kids something.

    • For children there are a few books I can recomend the first is of course the Bible…the second is the Jesus Storybook Bible, it does an excellent job of capturing the meta-narrative of the Bible. I read it to my 5 year old son at night and he loves it. This book: Help, Mom! There are Arminians Under My Bed! by JD Hall would be a good one as well. RC Sproul has written a few childrens books as also.

  2. I’m one of the tens of tens that appreciate your posts! Just wanted to say thanks and encourage you.

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