The Seven 03.20.13

Seven Great Blog Posts from this past week that you shouldn’t miss.

seven1) One of the most important, and often least used tool in the Christian’s toolbox is prayer. This article from Past & Present Blog is an important Q & A on how to pray.

2) This past Sunday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, this blog post from Via Emmaus looks at how evangelicals are trying to redeem the occasion from Rome.

3) Speaking of Rome the big news this past week, of course, the election of a new Pope by the Arizona St. Louis Cardinals in Rome…a few false teachersevangelicals” celebrated this occasion, but as Al Mohler reminds us, as evangelicals, this is NOT something we should celebrate or congratulate. And on that same subject a couple of friendly reminders from The Cripplegate, the first being that The Pope is Probably the Antichrist and The “Gospel” according to Rome. Lastly, I would remind you that I’ve covered this ground here at DPS myself.

4) And when you are discussing the above matter with your friends and co-workers here are some helpful ways to keep you from arguing like and idiot.

5) Even though we are saved, we still wrestle with sin. this article by RC Sproul brings us hope for those troubled by besetting sins.

6) Even when we are plagued by besetting sins, even when we don’t feel like a Christian,  the Holy Spirit still indwells us and here are some ways you can tell evidence of the Holy Spirit in your life, thanks to JC Ryle.

7) I have much respect for my Lutheran brothers…but I just can’t convert (mostly because I’m a credobaptism kinda guy) but there are other reasons as well…as this blog posts points out.


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  1. One of my Favourite things to do on a Friday afternoon while at work is read this Blog.

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