The Seven 3.26.13

Seven Great Blog Posts that you Shouldn’t Miss


1) The push for same-sex marriage is heating up again with the case headed to the Supreme Court, so I thought you all might find this article interesting, it lays out what the approval of same-sex marriage has done for the state of Massachusetts, it’s a thought-provoking piece.

2) It’s Holy Week around the world, the time we commemorate Christ entering into His Holy Passion, and because I am a fan of trivial trivia and otherwise useless knowledge (as is Joe Carter over at TGC it would seem) here are some interesting facts about Holy Week.

3) I read a lot, A LOT, of books, but the last time I actually read a fiction book was years ago. and why is that? Because it seemed like a waste of time. I could be reading from Calvin or Spurgeon, but instead I should “waste time” reading a fiction novel? Hardly! But is reading fiction a waste of time really? Here are some interesting thoughts on the matter by Dr. Russel Moore at Southern Seminary in his post called: Why Christians Should Read Fiction.

4) Do you ever feel guilty about tithe or how much money you give to the church or charity? I sure feel brow beat about it sometimes. And why? What is the point, aside from a backhanded compliment by Jesus to the Pharisee’s there is not a single verse in the New Testament that talks about tithe. This post (part of a series that is well worth your time to read) by Average Us goes a little deeper on the subject of tithe.

5) Many well-meaning pastors get the teaching on tithe wrong, but some aren’t so well-meaning, how can you tell the difference, how can you tell when someone is just not-quite-right or when you are being flat-out deceived? Here is a good article on The Seven Traits of False Teachers.

6) Many false teachers use the worlds means for growing a church, what does that mean exactly? Well this article from, of all places, the Huffington Post will shed some light on that.

7) Recently, discussing all things Catholic, what with the election of a new pope and all, I offhandedly made the comment that I wasn’t really sure of what the Catholic church has taught since Vatican II, as if to answer and inform my lack of knowledge on the issue, this post over at The Cripplegate popped up informing us of why, exactly, we should continue to keep our distance from the Roman Catholic Church, and for me at least, reminding why we should continue to reach out to those ensnared by its falsehoods.


7a) What does a Christian look like? Have you ever thought about it? Biblically what does a Christian look like, how are they characterized? This post from Monergism may be of some help answering that, it’s called Paul’s Definition of a Christian.

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