The Seven 04.16.13

Seven solid blog posts from this past week that you should read.


Author Note: With the terrible news coming out of Boston yesterday, I debated on whether or not to have a post today. I believe it is in these times we are to do as called in Romans 13 and mourn with those who mourn.

1) Original sin, (or total depravity as we Calvinists tend to call it) is one of the issues people seem to have with Christians in general. Most people fail to understand how Adam acted as our federal head and how we are all guilty before God of sin. This blog post from Founders Ministries Blog, does a pretty good job of explaining just that.

2) The issue of a professor getting fired for ad-hearing to Biblical Christianity has hit yet another “Christian” college as Campbellsville University fires one of their professors for being *gasp* a Calvinist. You can read more about it here. All I can say is I can cross another college off the list to suggest to my children and students.

3) Of course it is to Campbellsville determent that they embark on a Calvinist witch hunt. As John Piper points out over at DG, wimpy theology makes for wimpy women...and, I say, Christians in general.

4) What is the single most important issue facing Christianity today? Homosexuality? Abortion? no...this blog post lays out very well what the single greatest issue facing the church today is.

5) But why are people so offended by Calvinism? This blog post, what appears to be the first in a series, does a good job of explaining what it is that people are so offended by.

6) What is the most transformational word in all of scripture? This post by Paul David Tripp does a good job of answering that.

7) In the past few editions of the Seven, I have discussed the same-sex marriage debate. While all the articles I highlighted were good, none were as through as this one over at TGC. It is a bit long, but well worth your time.




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  1. #5 – I’m loving this post from the get go!! I especially love the graphic and the “How fundaments see me” picture…. ^_^ seems right so far…

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