The Seven-5.7.13

Seven great Blog posts you Shouldn’t Miss



1) One of my, hands down, favorite shows on TV is Duck Dynasty. The show has it all, it’s funny, entertaining and heartwarming. Here is a little bit more info on the show thanks to TGC. And you may see a side of these guys the TV cameras rarely show.

2) And why is it that you don’t see the more christian side of the DD guys? Because Christians are being marginalized by American society. Fortunately  the youth of America are on to this troubling trend and are interested in doing something about it, as you can read (and see) here. And I say good on them.

3) Speaking of Christians being targeted by the mainstream, this article by AiG is also very informative as well, concerning the growing intolerance of Christianity.

4) And speaking of silencing the Christian right...this guy is being down right nasty about it. (Also note this is the same kind of propaganda that Hitler used on the Jews in the 30’s in Germany.)

5) But what would a society free of Christians look like? Probably something like this.

6) Do you have a favorite celebrity pastor? This article by Carl Trueman should not be missed concerning some troubling trends in the church.

7) I had the privilege this past week of preaching at the church my father is an interim at. It was a small church, on its way to shutting its doors and now they are back up to having between 25-30 people come on Sunday mornings? Why do some, seemingly good churches die? This article by Thom Rainer may help explain why.




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