Book Review: And Then The End Will Come

41fWRTbxwjLSometimes in life we don’t understand whether or not we are getting anywhere until we look back at where we’ve been. And Then The End Will Come, is a book that is kind of like that, it’s not until you read the last chapter that all the preceding chapters fall into place and are better understood. It’s not often I would recommend starting a book on it’s last chapter, reading that, and THEN reading the book from the beginning, but this book is the exception to that rule. Brandon Andress’s short, crisp writing style make this book a breeze to read in just a couple of settings. and except a minor point of  doctrinal disagreement (that I will get to so you’re not wondering what it is as you read this) this book  is as good as a book about the end of the world that is out there.

The Good: I am glad to say there is much a lot of great material in this book. Brandon makes very good points about what Kingdom living should look like in the lives of believers, and how that is often not the reality. Furthermore, he makes excellent points about an important part of the Gospel message that either gets lost in translation, lost in the shuffle or glossed over. Brandon focuses almost exclusively on what Jesus had to say about the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine–sorry I don’t know where these musical interludes come from) Jesus indeed spoke often of the end, many of his parables talked about just that, and Brandon does a good job of methodically examining each one and telling us what is really being said. (Except, he misses one key aspect of the parable of the sheep and goats, my one minor point of doctrinal disagreement)

The Bad: As I just said Brandon focuses almost exclusively on what Jesus had to say about the end of the age, and he largely ignores the other Biblical references to the end. Books like Daniel and Ezekiel are only mentioned as a way of pointing out that he won’t be talking about them. He does not mention the references to the end of the age in Psalms, Zechariah, Isaiah, 2nd Timothy, Hebrews, Ephesians, but as he states in chapter one, this is not the point of this book, and in spite of non-inclusion of these books you still come away from reading this book with a good perspective on the end of the age and the Kingdom of God.

The Ugly: There is no “ugly” I just wanted to include this section because you have to say “the ugly” when you start off with “the good” and “the bad” it’s like the natural end of the expression.

In conclusion: And Then The End Will Come accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do–not to answer all doctrinal questions regarding the end, but to simply look at what Jesus–the man who knew exactly what was/is going to happen–had to say about the end. And once you reach the end of this book you’ll be able to look back at the pages that came before and come away with a better understanding of what exactly we are talking about when we say “the end of the world.”

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