The REAL Oldest Trick in the Book

6a00d8341c73fe53ef0120a5ee4d6e970c-800wiWe’ve all heard the expression, but what does the oldest trick in the book really mean? Well, in all reality the phrase itself is so old that there is no conclusive answer where it came from, but I’ll give you my 2 cents. I believe that the oldest trick in the book is for our adversary, the devil, to  get us to question God’s Word.

It is in fact the oldest trick in THE book…the Bible.

Satan’s words to Eve. “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

And Satan does the same thing to us today.

“Did God really say…homosexuality was a sin?”

“Did God really say…Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven?”

“Did God really say…women can’t be pastors?”

“Did God really say…not to speak in tongues ”

“Did God really say…he created the world in just six days”

“Did God really say…”

“Did God really say…”

“Did God really say…”

And the thing is we believe these lies…now understand that I’m not talking about those OUTSIDE the church…Satan has those folks right where he wants them…I’m talking about those INSIDE the church.

You can see the results of this question from a quick survey of the state of evangelism in America today.

Entire denominations that claim to be Christian are being led astray by one simple phrase

A phrase that, on it’s head..seems harmless enough…I mean shouldn’t we be making sure God’s Word squares with today’s world?

And it’s that kind of backwards questioning that has gotten us where we are.

We should not be making sure the God’s Word squares with today’s world, we should be making sure today’s world squares with God’s Word.

THAT should be our starting point…otherwise we are being deceived when we ask ourselves “Did God really say…” Of course the phrase changes a bit from context to context, but it’s the same basic premise.

We question God’s Word, or its meaning, or its authenticity. or the education level of its authors…

We start playing word games with this verse or that verse trying to make them fit into our presuppositions…

Pretty soon we have undermined the entire authority of the Bible…

We are left without a leg to stand on when asked if God really created the world in six days

or if homosexuality is wrong

or if women can serve in the church

We are left without a foundation when we play cut and paste with God’s Word.

We are left without an answer when we can’t rely on the Bible as the authority.

BUT we can rely on the authority of the Bible…did you know science…REAL science…(not that waked out carbon dating stuff) has never disproven anything in the Bible…neither has archaeology.  In fact there are a ton of resources and institutions out there that can show you how the Bible harmonizes with science and history.

Why would we trust our own mind anyway…there’s are tons of things I don’t know, but we think we know better than God? Really? I don’t think so.

Did God really say…

That is the real oldest trick in the book…indeed.


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