The Seven-05.21.13

Authors Note: I’m not sure how it happened, but between remodeling a room in our house, work, family and actually writing a few of my own blog posts (which you can read here and here.) I don’t have seven great blog posts to pass along. I only have five…so enjoy these five thought-provoking articles and blog posts that you’ll be sorry if you miss. Okay, maybe not like the “woe is me” kind of sorry , but definitely the “aw shucks” kind of sorry. Do people still say “shucks’? probably not…anyway, you get the idea…enjoy!

71) Though this article has nothing in particular to do with Christianity or religion it was passed along by Al Mohler and since it IS about libraries, of which I work at, I thought it was interesting.

2) Why should we, as Christians, imitate Christ? Is it meritorious for us in any way? Read this article by Alister Begg to find out.

3) Let’s face it, being a pastor is tough, it can really, really get you down emotionally and physically…Here is an interesting article from THE UNAPPRECIATED PASTOR  called: “Why I Don’t Quit

4) I started attending a class with some of the men in the church on Monday mornings about discernment. Our pastor believes that discernment is an important ability for a teacher to have, and in fact it is a large part of the job of the church leadership/elder-ship as this article from Tom Gilson points out.

5) Speaking of discernment, a man who could use some more is Mark Driscoll, as this Open Letter to Mark Driscoll points out.