The Seven — light edition–5.28.13

Some great blog posts you shouldn’t miss


1) What does the Bible have to say about Wedding ceremonies? With the homosexual movement pushing the marriage agenda it’s important to know some of the ins and outs of Biblical marriage.

2) Are unbelievers who do good deeds redeemed? If you have spend any time reading this blog or, say, your BIBLE, you would immediately have to say “No” BUT that’s not what the Pope says as you can see here.

3) The popes misinformation concerning unbelievers and the basis of our deeds leads to an even more important question. Does the Pope know the Gospel? Has the Pope ever read the Bible? Does the Pope even know God? or Is the Pope even a Christian?

4) If you spend much time in the church you will inevitably hear the names Henry and Richard Blackaby, it seems like church folks love these guys and take everything they say as being great stuff. BUT as we read here The Blackabys and their theology has gots to go. (yes, I said gots to go) It’s time for some sacred cow tipping. (BTW, who else thinks Sacred Cow Tipping sounds like a great name for a blog)


NOTE: Again sorry that there aren’t seven actual links in this post. The summer months are busy months.


4 thoughts on “The Seven — light edition–5.28.13

  1. Hi John, would you be interested in engaging michael brown on his comments page- i would be interested to see if you may be a potential candidate to engage in a debate with him on the church and homosexuality issues. see his web site
    or see comments section- he has been looking for a person who is able to debate this issue at a higher level. thanks jon

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