The Seven 6.4.13

Note: I actually have seven updates this week…joy!


1) The SBC has released their statement on Calvinism, which makes me think of an old Chinese proverb I once heard: “He who straddles the fence gets a sore crotch.” Essentially, the SBC has effectively kicked the can down the road for someone else to pick up.  The debate over Calvinism has been going on since Baptist came into being…and I imagine that even on the last day there will be Southern Baptist “discussing” the matter. BUT what if we, as Calvinist Southern Baptist, took the stand against the Arminianism that is so rampant in the SBC…what if we drafted something akin to this document by the Presbyterian church? Of course the problem being those on the Arminian side of the debate don’t actually know they are…it’s a conundrum. Which is why I suppose I’ll have to live with the ongoing tension over Arminianism in the SBC. Southern Baptist…living in tension…there’s a slogan!

2) Speaking of problems within the SBC, JD Hall a longtime SBC pastor from Montana, gave an excellent message regarding the issues plaguing the SBC that the denomination needs to repent of and get back to spreading the Gospel the old-fashioned way…preaching it. You can listen to it in the second hour of this episode of Fighting for the Faith. The first hour is just bonus stuff about Steven Furtick…the second hour is Hall’s message and it is excellent. One that I think needs delivered on stage at the national SBC convention…but it won’t be, because we’re Southern Baptist and we’re living in tension.

3) Is the foundation of out faith as Christians scripture? Not according to Andy Stanley.

4) I’ve highlighted the debate over homosexual marriage several times in recent editions of the Seven. But what about the children of homosexual parents? Well, it seems they’re none too happy to have gay parents (did you see what I did there?)

5) Fellow (former?) DPS writer Jay Miklovic has said before that (gasp!) Expository preaching is not ALWAYS required. And it looks like he’s not alone in that sentiment, in fact, he’s got some high-profile company. Granted, he’s not JMac high-profile, but still.

6) Speaking of Dan Phillips this article by him may be of interest as well…Especially if you’ve ever wondered, as a pastor, what to preach after you’ve finished going through a book of the Bible.

7) I’ve been a youth pastor for years…so I know that when it comes to going through an entire book of the Bible in my messages with them, let’s just say it’s a pipe dream. I know that I’ve got seconds..maybe less, to get their attention. More than anything else teenagers need the Gospel. So here are ten reasons why I give the gospel at every youth talk by Greg Stier. I’m a huge fan of what this guy does, mostly because no one else (that’s orthodox–even remotely) focuses on youth and getting youth to spread the gospel as much.



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