The Seven 6.18.13

Authors Note: Thanks to all my feedback last week I am reverting back to my regular format for The Seven, your feedback is appreciated.


1) I often wonder about the culture we are fostering in my own church. What direction is it taking? Where are we headed? If you’ve ever wondered these same things yourself here are Four Questions to Check Your Church Culture.

2) We all say we want revival in the church, but do we really mean it? What would that even really look like? Are there things we should be praying for concerning revival? Are there things we should STOP praying for? This article may be of some help, So You Want to See a Revival?

3) I’ve always said…well that not true…but I’ve long said that one of the best places to preach the gospel is IN the church, and this article will help explain why. Calvinism and the Presumed Gospel.

4) A bigger question we should ask ourselves is this: How can listening to an Atheist strengthen Christian churches, specifically preaching? This article may help answer that.

5) Satan is the great deceiver and liar, and our natural enemy. But he doesn’t always appear that way to us, in fact there are times in everyone’s life that it appears that Satan Wants to Help You.

6) One of the craftiest ways that Satan has infiltrated the church is through music. In fact , it was the great Charles Spurgeon, I believe, that said: “When Satan fell from heaven, he fell into the choir loft.”  In fact, did you know, that in the late 19th and early 20th century whenever someone wanted to get heretical teaching introduced to the church they did so by writing a hymn.  There are many hymns that need purged from the hymnbook. “I have decided to follow Jesus”  comes to mind right away as one that needs to go. BUT here’s some little known facts on a tune that is often sang in church that, for the health of the church, should be removed once and for all.

7) Speaking of heresy, I have some concerning news regarding the so-called “Religion of Peace” (yeah, right) and its growing alignment with the church. It seems a certain Texas megachurch (surprisingly, not THAT Texas megachurch) is partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood. And speaking of heresy and Muslims, the Pope is being urged to declare Islam a peaceful religion, now, it’s no secret that I believe the Roman Catholic Church left orthodoxy many centuries ago, however, it would be very disturbing if the current Pope were to say that Muslims are a peaceful religion in the efforts to open up interfaith dialog.  I’ll believe Musims are peaceful-WHEN THEY STOP KILLING CHRISTIANS.

7a) Speaking of Muslims, there is a fantastic resource that I want to make you aware of-Dr. James White’s book-What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an. Dr. White systematically shows how different the Qur’an-Muslims sacred book-differs from the true Bible. I would encourage you to buy this book, especially if you live in Michigan-say near Dearborn.

7b) Another FANTASTIC resource that’s FREE that I want to make you aware of, I just discovered this yesterday,  is called Refnet. It’s free Christian Internet Radio featuring orthodox pastors such as RC Sproul, Allister Begg, and Al Mohler. Check out out, get the app…you won’t regret it.



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