The Seven-6.25.13

seven1) Was the early church persecuted as much as they claimed? Or was it all myth and legend? These are the questions being asked by Candida Moss in her book The Persecuted Church. I have not read the book, but Carl Truman has and here is his review of the book.

2) Do you have trouble finding Biblical books to read to your children? Here is a book review of Paul Reynolds book 66 Books, 1 Story. I hope you’ll find it as informative as I have.

3) How essential is the Gospel in ministry? Why is the Gospel of Jesus Christ so vital to the restoration of mankind? This article by Pastor David Shrock explores just those questions.

4) What is Sanctification? How are we conformed into the image of God’s son? What is “our part” in the process? This article by Nathan Bingham explores that very subject.

5) Is the visible church in America radically changing for the worse? There is a huge problem with the “Attractional model” of church, as defined in this article by Jared Wilson. In that same vein of thought, this article by Stand Up for the Truth examines the Morphing of Evangelism. And for an example of the downgrade going on in American churches, please examine closely Exhibit A, I have no problem with being intentional about fitness, I have a HUGE problem with focusing on it exclusively.  What’s worse is the articles glowing praise of the practice. And to be honest, when you start focusing on something OTHER THAN THE GOSPEL…and you are trying to be an attractional church, it’s only a short slip till you are thinking of starting up your own secular church, that’s right, I said secular church, I give you Exhibit B in the downgrade of Evangelism in America.

6) I recently had a friend ask me how to tell if a pastor was teaching him the truth or not. I gave my explanation, which was a rather simplistic: “Does he have you focus on Christ or yourself?” That’s the short test…This article by Tim Challies lays out the 7 Marks of a False Teacher.

7) All this downgrade in the American church is concerning, but what is equally concerning is that this nation is becoming increasingly hostile to Christians and Christian values. We may not be being beaten or killed here in America, but Christians are being told to keep you Christianity to yourself, which of course runs contrary to Biblical Christianity. How much more hostile does this nation have to become to Christians. The liberal media is trying it’s best to laugh off the notion which, if we’re honest is just another form of persecution…like plugging your ears and saying “lalalala” …only in this case they are laughing at you outright and telling you it’s not happening. Like when your “friend” in school tried to tell you we’re not laughing AT you, we’re laughing WITH you…only you’re not laughing. For example: Was a teacher fired for simply giving a Bible to a student? Well, the short answer is “yes” but read here for more. America…land of the free…unless you’re a Christian. Just like Candida Moss is trying to rewrite the history of the persecuted church, the liberal media is doing the same as it happens.



I’m not 100% sure where this video comes from, except France…because it’s in French…but you don’t have to speak French to appreciate it. It’s about the miraculous stages of a baby’s life from conception to full development. It’s pretty amazing to me that anyone can say that it’s not a human being until it exits the womb. It’s a great video to watch, enjoy!


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