The Triumphant? Return of the Magnificent “Seven”

Okay, so, I haven’t done this in a few weeks so I may be a bit rusty. Let me start off by saying I’ve had some doubt about pressing on with this blog or pulling the plug. But I wouldn’t want to disappoint the tens and tens of you that read this…so I will carry on to the best of my (and others) abilities. Let’s dive into the list…

mag seven1) In the News…God apparently told ex-pope Benedict to resign. Really? God told you, eh? Hmm…that is strange since the canon of scripture is closed but, to be consistent with your own theology I guess you must HAVE to say those kinds of things…Wait, Wait..God is telling me something right now…God is saying…eat a Snickers™ Well, I guess it makes sense that I’m not me when I’m hungry… wait, that’s my stomach..oh..gosh…I get those two confused all the time, how embarrassing. Apparently the Pope does as well.  (Phil. 3:19)

2) (Whew, that last one came out really snarky didn’t it, hold on to your hats because I’m sensing a snarknado coming on)  Also in the news…The BBC is reporting that apparently some kind of MASSIVE event involving water happened, possibly a typhoon, that separated Great Britain from the rest of Europe.  According to the BBC this event happened about 6,000 years ago. Hmm..that’s strange…a massive water event 6,000 years ago that cause Britain to separate from Europe. Maybe it was a tsunami, or some kind of massive “Catastrophic event”  Gosh, if only they had the answers written down for them in some kind of…book…or something…maybe,.. just maybe they would know for sure what happened. It’s not like any books ever record such an event taking place about 6,000 years ago or so…something with an ark and one family being saved. Two or every kind of just doesn’t ring any bells for me. You?

3) Okay, enough snark…here’s some good stuff…Here’s a good article by Russel Moore discussing the ways parents use technology, specifically iPhones and iPads with their kids…well…not so much with their kids as much as handing it over to them…here’s the article, you can read the rest.

4) Speaking of parenting it’s no big secret that kids are leaving the church, but why? Well Stand Up for the Truth has some suggestions as to why that is. And you can read them here.

5) Speaking of kids, anyone remember that little girl who was a mouseketeer? She was so cute and had a famous mullet wielding father who sang one hit song ever. She was so cute then….what happened…well, in a word..showbusiness. Trevin Wax gives us his reasons why he, and maybe we all should, weep for Miley.

6) Do we ever move past the gospel? Should we? This article by Tullian Tchividjian provides some insight as to why we should never really move beyond the gospel.

7) Alcohol is a sensitive subject for many in the church. In this article by Tim Challies, he lines up the times that God says to get drunk.


My new favorite comedic talent is Adam 4d..I don’t really know his real name, but his comics are theologically sound and pretty funny…well…I think they’re funny, but I have an odd sense of humor.  This one was my favorite this past week.




4 thoughts on “The Triumphant? Return of the Magnificent “Seven”

  1. Well it sounds like you’re saying that you reject the belief that any Christian can be instructed to do something specific by God, but of course God gives people specific instruction all over the books of the Old and New testament.

    So unless you think that the former Pope’s action somehow contradicts Scripture, then I’m not sure I understand the objection to him saying God asked him to step down.

    “Sola scriptura” has no scriptural foundation.

    • The office of the pope in itself is a contradiction to Scripture. Yes God gave people instruction throughout the Bible, however those former ways of God revealing himself to man have ceased. (Heb. 1:1) and Sola Scriptura has plenty of Biblical foundation, In fact I think I will do a quick blog post on the matter. 🙂

      • I think I see where you’re coming from, but the office of the Pope when it comes to doctrine is not “prophet giving new revelation”, but “shepherd and interpreter through the Holy Spirit’s guidance”. Not new revelation, but interpretation and guidance.

        If St. Paul meant Heb 1;1 in an absolute sense that no new guidance can be given at all, then he would be contradicting himself in the very act of writing it, because Heb 1,1 offers new guidance!

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