The Seven 09.10.13

In french “Potpourri” means “the Stinking Pot” or so I’m told…I don’t speak French so I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that this week’s edition of “the Seven” is a literal mixed bag, or potpourri, as it were. Enjoy.

seven1) Have you ever thought about how the preaching in your church might actually increase sin among the members of your church? This article by Jared Wilson explains how that happens.

2) This blog post from a mother in Texas made the news…and as you read you’ll see why. It seems Christians aren’t normal, when normal is defined as letting your kids do whatever they want, that would be true.  Do you think she has a point?

3) Humor can help us realize some uncomfortable truths, this post by The Unappreciated Pastor is a satirical look at signs that you, as a pastor, might not last long.

4) Are you comfortable living the Christian life? I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with how comfortable I am…this post over at “The Cross is All” may help move you.

5) As the old emergent church grows up and reveals itself to be nothing more than liberal “Christianity”-which isn’t Christianity at all-some of the founders of the emergent church are doing their things as is Dan Savage who is launching a new website, you can read about it, and read a very Christian response to it over at Denny Burk’s blog. It is well worth your time.

6) Is this America? Because It sure doesn’t feel like it is sometimes…especially when a church is having trouble getting the necessary paperwork to install a cross on its own property. You can read about it here. And in a similar vein it’s going to get hard to faithfully preach in San Antonio where the freedom of speech and freedom of religion are crossing some fuzzy lines. And the USAF is punishing some of its veterans for their personal religious beliefs.

7) And to end on a light note here are 18 Awkward Church Stories from Back Row Baptist. After #6 we could use a laugh.



15 thoughts on “The Seven 09.10.13

  1. Thanks for the really great list. I am still working my way down it. Of the Texas mom story, which I enjoyed, it occurred to me that our US culture has devolved to the point of “It takes a village, MINUS the family, to raise a child”.

  2. Speaking of bringing a laugh, watch as A Catholic priest and a Presbyterian minister engage in a theological debate over dog souls using their roadside signs!

  3. I didn’t know, so I looked it up: “potporri” literally does mean “rotten pot.” A “pot pourri” was, by the literal meaning, a “pot of rotten, putrid meat.” And apparently people used to eat this stuff! Although I’m not sure if it was really rotten; the definition, beyond the etymology, says it was a “dish made from different kinds of meat cooked together in a stew; a hotchpotch.” There was an English word, now archaic, “pourry,” meaning “stagnant, putrid; of meat, rotten.” Maybe we should bring that one back? “Dude, that is pourry! You need to clean out your refrigerator!”

    Anyway, thanks. This will be useful. 🙂

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