The Seven-10.01.13

As a blogger, I should probably look into the legitimacy of writing a blog post, my only blog post of the week, as a gateway for other blogs. This may be a problem. I’ll look into it..said the procrastinator.

seven1) My good friend Julia, over at Steak and a Bible is giving away free stuff again. possibly as a way to entice people to read her blog, I would never do that, both of my readers would be insulted. I mean, she has thousands and thousands of readers and…oh..wait a minute….But seriously who doesn’t like free stuff…nobody doesn’t like free stuff, so you should go check it out.

2) What is Evangel-ship…you should go to Greg Steirs blog to find out.

3) Looks like Rob Bell is going to be on Oprah. Boy, those two are like peas in a pod eh? Super-ambiguous Universalist Spirituality calling it self Christianity guy meet Super-ambiguous Universalist Spirituality calling itself Christianity girl. This event is called ‘Super Soul Sunday’, whatever that means…Is it because we’re all our own little superhero?  Who knows. It certainly looks like something to miss to me.

4)I’m the father of three kids, and the question of how can we raise Godly kids is something I’m asked a lot and have had to wrestle with myself. Here are ten very good suggestions on doing just that.

5) The balance between legalism and licentiousness is a constant struggle for the sincere Christian, the question that is most often asked by the more legalistic crowd is Does Grace make you Lazy?

6) Porn is a real, and dangerous problem. One that I have fought in the past, and with its pervasiveness through the internet, a growing problem among our children. This article in the UK Mail looks at the effect all this is having on the still developing young minds of young men and women.

7) And speaking of porn, look what our oldest Baptist University in America is celebrating. Is it our Christian heritage? No. Our Lord and Savior Christ? No..forget all that stuff, they did a long time ago…and now they celebrate nudity week! I’m sure there won’t be any problems with rape or sodomy or sexual assault with this little soiree will there?

8) BONUS: Here’s a bunch of really good links I wanted to pass along last week, and the week before, but as you can see…I didn’t post. I’ve been super busy and I’m a bad (or is it good) procrastinator. Anyway, instead of giving you a bunch of links to read through one at a time here they are all at once…here’s an awesome post over at TGC from Jared C. Wilson. An awesome post over at TGC from Trevin Wax, and here’s a good article over at TGC from Andrew Hess.  And finally here are two excellent articles from Ligonier, one is called the Tyranny of the Weaker Brother and is an interesting read, well worth your time and the other one is on the origin of the oft used phrase, Soli Deo Gloria.  Enjoy!