The Seven 10.09.13

Note: I’m back with a brand new edition. And to save you all some mental anguish I will not be posting any politics related posts. In fact I’m not going to talk about the shut down at all..not going to mention that technically only 17% of the government is shut down. Nor am I even going to talk about how closing the national parks has altered my First Grader’s field trip to the local nature refuge..nor am I going to mention the simple proof the government is not totally shut down is the fact that you are all still receiving mail. I am not going to mention these things because I have an international audience of tens and tens of you who may not even be aware of how ridiculous our government is for fighting over money that it doesn’t actually have. Now on with the list…

1)  Rosaria Butterfield talks about her conversion from being a lesbian feminist scholar to Christianity, she’s actively fighting the good fight of the faith and we need to pray for her. Here is a little more insight on her story.

2) One of the terms that is often confused when talking about Calvinism is the term “total depravity” I personally prefer to call it “total inability” because we are totally incapable of acting righteously…but that’s just me…for a better idea of what total depravity is NOT…read this article by my friend Pastor David Shrock.

3) Speaking of the Doctrines of Grace…another question that is often asked is…”if once gained can salvation be lost?” (My answer would be ‘No’ which is just one reason, of only a couple, I’m not a Lutheran) for a better idea of an answer to this question Dr. R.C. Sproul answers it here.

4) Speaking of our Lutheran brothers in Christ…here is a fantastic podcast that rightly takes Paul Washer to task-(there is a second part that I encourage you to listen to as well.) I’ve had some concerns about Washer for awhile now and this podcast helped me to flesh out what those were. (Not surprisingly they are similar concerns that I have with John Piper-but that’s another subject for another time)

5) Here are some interesting, and valid concerns that Dr. Russel Moore has about the new Pope. Concern that i share as it seems to be the first post-modern pope…who seems like he wants to take the RCC the way of the ELCA.

6) Here is a fantastic article by Dr. Albert Mohler on expository preaching, (it’s by Al Mohler and its on preaching so I really shouldn’t have to build this up anymore.)

7) And to end off on a sour note here is a heresy alert twin spin. First, someone apparently needs to teach Steven Furtick what it means to suffer for Christ because he hasn’t got a clue. Secondly, what would you think of a church that does a charity event to raise funds for an abortion clinic? Not much, well me either. But that is what this church is doing.



Could fellow Youth Ministers around the country take a cue from AWANA. I think so.

5 thoughts on “The Seven 10.09.13

  1. So then they do believe that thanks to Christ we are freed from original sin? I don’t see that in the writings of Jonathon Edwards.

    • That’s because we are never totally free from it (our sin nature) on this side of eternity, it just doesn’t hold the bondage on us that it once did. It’s what lead Paul to write “The things I do not want to do I do” (Rom 7:15) and Jude to write “Hating even the garment stained by the flesh.”

      • No, because immediately after that verse Paul says that while this is the law of the flesh, thanks to Christ we do not live by the flesh but by the Spirit. Ye must be born again.

        All died in Adam, but under Christ all are offered Life; hallelujah!

  2. Your article on ‘total depravity’ talks of original sin and the curse of Adam, but makes no mention of the blessings of Christ and His salvation, not just from sins but from sin itself.

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