The Ship is Sinking

SinkingShip-2Frequently, in Christian circles, we tend to get this “us vs. them” mentality toward “those of the world.”  WE know the way, WE have things figured out. THEY are so sinful, just LOOK how THEY are acting. The problem is it’s not an “us vs. them” issue. I’m not saying that “they” don’t sometimes make it out to be that way, nor am I saying that “we” don’t sometimes make it out to be that way. What I am saying is that whether “us & them” realize it or not we’re all in this together…

we’re all in the same boat…

and that boat is sinking…

and there is only one way out…

The biggest difference between “us vs. them” is that WE have realized the gravity of our situation…while they are either unaware, don’t care or are refusing to accept the reality of the situation.

As I pointed out in my page The Gospel, the Gospel is good news…and good news is to be proclaimed (not lived out, but that’s another post for another time…hopefully) That good news is that even though the boat is sinking…there is a way out.

It’s up to us, that realize the gravity of the situation, to sound the alarm….but too often we get caught up in this game, born out of our own pride, that says:

“We need to contextualize our message for a target audience.”

Or “We don’t need to tell the real bad part of the news…let’s just tell the good part of the news.”

Or we fear that we’ll be looked at funny.

Or worse yet…we do nothing…nothing but be glad we know the way out…sorry about the luck of those that don’t.

HELLO…the boat is sinking!


We don’t need to contextualize the message or just tell everyone that there is a life raft without telling why it’s needed. We need to tell everybody that the boat is sinking.

We cannot change their minds about the situation…and as the Bible says there are those that will continue to suppress the truth in unrighteousness no matter how bad their situation, but we MUST get the word out. And yes we will face those who tell us to be shut up and call us all kinds of names for spreading the news…but the boat is sinking…we must warn as many as we can.

Why do we overcomplicated that?

Why do we feel the need to tailor the message for certain audiences?

Why do we waste time whining that we’re being treated unfairly for spreading the message? Didn’t Jesus warn us that this would be the case?

Why? Because we make excuses…we are still a sinful people…we just know a great savior and it’s time to quite making excuses and start warning everyone that the boat is sinking.

It’s really simple, either you are warning everyone that the boat is sinking or you’re not.

We know the gravity of the situation and Christ told us to warn everyone, let’s quit making excuses and get busy sounding the alarm.