Silence, Absence, Changes and More

I have been conspicuously absent from the internet these days. I always got the feeling in the process or reading and writing blogs that I was sitting in an ivory tower telling all you people who are getting it wrong how to live. I didn’t like that. I certainly don’t have it all figured out…I just know a great savior…but that in itself is the essence of  spreading the gospel. One beggar telling another where to find bread. I also don’t have time to devote to reading other blogs and promoting my own blog(s) (and websites…such as or I don’t have time to do everything that the (so-called) experts say you should do to promote a blog.  I enjoy the exchange that blogs bring the passing of information and ideas, I just don’t have time to read them…let alone write them. (plus I am pretty ADD so there’s that.)


I have been trying to reprioritize my life in the last few months since I actively blogged, in that time I have been actively trying to decide on what I want THIS blog to be about because I don’t feel like it’s hit its potential audience very well. I have also gotten busy starting my own business(es) and my work schedule has drastically changed, making a time of stepping away from blogging necessary. I needed (and will continue to) work on putting first things first in my own life first professional life second and blogging/online life last. This blog is now going to be an extension of that journey.


I want to be a leader in my family and my church and this blog is going to focus on the ways that I have tried, failed, and tried again to lead my family to follow Christ. As I have alluded to in the past I work with youth at church…and it breaks my heart to hear about so many former students walking away from the faith. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t believe that there is a magic formula that the church just hasn’t tapped into yet and I have the answer. I just know that a raising a Godly family is an area that so much of the church neglects…and as the great philosopher JK Rowling points out:

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.”

I am going to share with you the ways, methods and even materials that I am using to lead my family in the hopes that it will help some of you lead your own. The family should be our number one priority in the church and often its last on the list.


Like I said, I don’t have much time…and neither do you…you should be praying instead of reading this blog anyway. So I have redesigned the blog to make it more mobile friendly and I will be posting shorter content, more often. I can’t promise that it will be typo free…but I can promise that I understand your time is important.


When you peel an onion there are lots of layers…as such is life as well. (And sometimes when you peel an onion you cry a lot, as such in life as well.) There is lots of great content out there for theology, ecclesiology and so on and they are written by better, more learned men than I. I only care about sharing Christ, my own struggles and hoping that my because of my struggles you may find help…and hope…and though I come with a decidedly Calvinistic (READ: Biblical Theology) view, I am now going to go into less detail about theology and more detail on the more practical aspects of the intersection of theology and life. I could pontificate on how life should be all day long…but at the end of the day I’ve only spewed a few good ideas and not really set anything into motion. This blog is going to be about just that from here on out, living out good and practical theology. So you will now see posts on topics that are areas I myself have frequently struggled with, and hopefully how I am/have gotten through them. So you will begin seeing posts on topics like, nutrition and weight loss, media and its influence, work place evangelism, and leading a Godly family.


I like the name DPS…but I am only the pastor of my own little troupe of five. They are my first priority. I am not currently the pastor of a church even though I am a minister, I don’t feel like I can continue to call this blog “Dead Pastors Society” without a good reason. So as of now you this blog is named Ebenezer (which is translated from the Hebrew as “Stone of Help, which is what I hope this blog is to you.)” The url will stay the same and the other original contributors to this blog are still all able to contribute…but in the future it will be more content from me (John Downey) and they will be more along the lines of guest writers. The name DPS will still show up on our facebook page and other places…it’s part of the legacy of this blog…but for now. This blog is called Ebenezer. (If you would like to see me keep the DPS name sound off in the comments.)


I am proud of the content I have written here and on my other blogs. (which I will be consolidating into this one as I take more and more ownership of it)


I am actually quite concerned with how I will be remembered by my family. I have all these great plans and intentions and hopes for them in my head and I hope this blog will also be a way of getting those thoughts out of my head in a format that they will be able to read and think about and consider. Think about how cool it would be if you could read your great-grandfather’s journal…you’d probably know a lot more about them that what you found on (I’ve been researching my family tree lately…it’s really hard)


One of the more popular features of this blog was “The Seven” (originally “The Five”) in the spirit of brevity I cannot post seven links to interesting things on a weekly basis. So my new title for “The Seven” is “Passing Along” and it will consist of however many other posts and such I want to pass along.


I am going to write with more transparency in the future…so you may see some ugly. Check that, you will see some ugly.


I am sure this blog will continue to…for lack of a better term…evolve…and I my one hope in all of this is that it will enrich you, help you and make you grow in Christ.

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