What Batman Taught Me about Jesus (sort of)

the-dark-knight-wallpaper-5501-5818-hd-wallpapersAs I sit here to type this I have just returned from dropping my kids off at school on their first day back after summer break. And, as I sit here, I am not sure what to do. I have a list of things that need done, work on my website, try to get new clients etc…but I am afraid of  what direction to take, and what to do. I don’t want to do the wrong thing…but, at the same time, doing nothing is the wrong thing too.

Last Night

Last night we had our first “Family Meeting” of the school year. We talked about the upcoming changes in the routine and things that would still need done, etc. We talked about the kids hopes for the new school year…and we read a the Bible and prayed together. We read from the book of Matthew about how as Christians, we are supposed to be salt and light to the rest of the World. It seemed like an appropriate verse to start the school year off with. I did my best to break down what that means to them on a daily basis…about how if someone is being mean or hurtful to you, you should return their meanness with kindness…and that sort of thing. I know, that’s easier said than done. We all fail at that, and often at the worst possible times.

“Why do we fall, Bruce…”

One line that really stuck with me from The Nolan Batman trilogy, (which is probably the best batman trilogy, even though TDKR has some kind goofy moments in it, but that’s neither here nor there.) was Bruce Wayne’s flashbacks to his father asking him why we fall after rescuing him from the cave as a young boy. In the film the answer was of course “so that we could get back up.” That is a great summary of the American “can do” spirit after all, to pick yourselves up y your bootstraps and march on. BUT as Christians…we understand that WE don’t have the answer or the ability to pick ourselves up and march on. We can, and must, look to Christ to pick us up and give us rest.

We Will Fail

We will fail..repeatedly, sometimes over the most trivial of things. But why do we fall? So we can look to Christ.  Christ alone has our answer for our failure. Christ alone is our comfort in times of weakness. Christ alone is our answer in our success and times of triumph as well. Christ says in John 6: “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.” Does that mean we don’t try to make every effort…NO. That just means we have to know where we stand…We know that we can do no good work on our own apart from Christ.

Look to Christ

I prayed with my family last night that we would always look to Him and keep him at the center of out thoughts and actions, this is really the essence of being disciples, adhering to Christs teachings and believing in Him. My son, Eli’s biggest fear this coming year is that someone will make fun of him for his glasses that he got over the summer, and after reading our verses I told him that it might happen. BUT that instead of getting mad about it. that he should look at it as an opportunity to be kind to someone in return, and thusly bringing glory to God.

If only it was always that easy…

Today life will pull in many directions…I must pick a direction to go to get more clients for my business...as I do, I pray that I would keep Christ in the center of my focus.

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