Getting Back on Track

Hi there! I have been absent from post on here at the DPS blog. You may or may not have noticed, more likely the latter rather than the former. I have been starting my own web design business and generally been very busy with that. I have been wanting to get back on track with my writing on here, but I have not felt adequate in doing so. There have been numerous struggles in the past year, the biggest of which was the passing of my father. I am assured I will see him again in glory, but for the time being it has been difficult to say goodbye.  I also have started another blog to go hand-in-hand with my design business because “they” say you’re supposed to, but after blogging about such seemingly shallow things as free design resources and how often you should tweet, I feel a rather general sense of the pointlessness of it all. There are hundreds of blogs out there that have some of the very same material and the blog, frankly, hasn’t brought in any business, if my goal was to get views I have…but I want customers. I considered starting a new blog altogether since I know my audience on here has fallen away and that I am somewhat embarrassed by various typos and even blog posts on here, even including my last post. The second thing I feel somewhat inadequate about is the fact that I am not a pastor and I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I am by the title of this blog. I am merely a layman, I am active in my church, I am somewhat of a theology geek and I want to share my thoughts on various matters with you, my audience…both of you. I could start a new blog, since the intended purpose of this one, having many authors posting varied but similar views on life and theology has not been accomplished. I could do that…but I won’t. I will slowly give this blog a facelift…and I will carry on with it where I left off. Yes, you will get infrequent posts from me, and yes, they may even have a typo or two (or more), but I stand behind most of what I have written on here, though some may lack the full fruit of maturity or some of it may now be irrelevant due to the age of the material, I stand behind it. I am good at starting things and bad at finishing them…it’s time I finished some things, or, at least, continued them. Please forgive my absence and do suffer my occasional typos and let’s do this.