The Long Awaited Return of…The Seven!!! (Cue Applause)

7That’s right folks…The Seven is back with a brand new invention, er, um…thing? stuff?  …to share. Seven great blog posts, articles, etc. that I read this past week and would like to share with you.  Sharing is good and good for you. It’s been too long and it’s nice to be back. But before I dive in I just want to take a minute and say “Thanks” to you, my readers…both of you. For rejoining me here on the DPS blog.

Also, point number two before I dive in…2 blogs that have gotten so big so quickly I don’t even feel like I need to share…but I will anyway. Two great sites have popped up in the past couple of years thanks to a great guy that’s never been in my kitchen, Adam Ford, a cartoonist/blogger from (of all places) Detroit (Answering the age-old question: Can anything good come out of Detroit?) The first is called, appropriately enough, Adam 4d his comics are funny and always provoke thought. The second site established by Adam Ford as well is called the Babylon Bee a Christian satire site…think of it like The Onion, but written by Christians for Christians.  If you haven’t already go and check these sites out as soon as possible…after you finish The Seven, of course. I share that with you all to say I will probably not share much of the content from those sites on The Seven I share so much of their stuff on my Twitter and Facebook pages as is, that I think sharing it on here would just be too much.

Now without further ado…The Seven

7) In the political news…an open letter to those who intend to vote for The Donald from his top campaign strategist is an interesting read and was passed along to me, so I thought I would share with you.

6) A what I can only call a story rich in irony faith healer Rod Parsley is turning to modern medicine to battle his cancer. Seriously though cancer is no laughing matter at any time and knowing his theology is lost in the woods we should pray for Parsley.

5) This is a great article from Michael Riccardi that I read just yesterday. The article deals with how we, as Christians, can best discern truth from error especially in situations where we need to determine whether someone is fundamentally wrong in their theology or simply just making a categorical error, but not enough of one that we need to remove fellowship.

4) This article over at TGC is part of a series that was run during Holy Week that dove deeper into faith and doctrine. this particular article explored the phrase in the Apostles’ Creed that says that Christ “Descended into Hell” and what that really means.

3) Speaking of Holy Week, this article, by Paul David Tripp looks at the beauty of Good Friday.

2) To cap off my Holy Week theme this article by Jeff Robinson explores the central most important part Holy Week…the resurrection of Christ from the dead.  As I have said show me Jesus’ bones and I’ll quit this whole Christianity deal. This article does an excellent job of explaining why faith in Jesus hinges on this one thing.

1) And finally, this article by Amy Spreeman examines the dangers that Christians fall into when the want greater things than Christ in Christianity.






The Method of Grace by John Flavel